Ronda Rousey vs. Kim Kardashian Feud: An MMA Advantage?

Ronda Rousey vs. Kim Kardashian Feud: An MMA Advantage?

Ronda Rousey vs. Kim Kardashian Feud: An MMA Advantage?The story began just about last week when Ronda Rousey appeared on ESPN’s The Body Issue who threw a different attitude of anger towards Kim Kardashian. People cannot wait to see who going to fight first, as two famous girls in America is now arguing over who deserves the fame. Rousey continuously argued about Kardashian’s capability to make her identity famous really famous even without the carnal exploits she made. Rousey even added that there’s really no point in believing her craft that she can only sell products but not actually make these promotions out of her talent.

Rousey’ Vicious Statements Against Kardashian

If you missed the angry lines of Rousey against Kardashian, you’re sure out missing a lot of action. Rousey underestimated Kardashian’s ability by stating how the latter only made it successfully inside Hollywood with her sex video. Even though this was viciously thrown by Rousey over Kardashian, the latter responded softly and greatly that she even appreciated the former’s beauty and prowess inside the cage. She became so pissed off with the whole event, Rousey even started to question why Kardashian is even selling shoes with young girls idolizing her antics.

MMA’s Deal with the Catfight

People are probably picking their bet on this feud of Rousey and Kardashian but the winning card is MMA. This is the ground for language being modeled on every verbal attack made on each fighter. Less talk here also means fewer mistakes. Nonetheless, Rousey’s comments were refreshing that most people really wanted to hear what she says about Kardashian’s no good talents. People really noticed what was going on between the two on this catfight. Whether or not this would gain high reputation in progress, this could really mean a good thing. Of course, gaining attention through victorious bouts is another story but seeing these things all bleed out in public is one proof how MMA can circulate news in and out of its media.