Roy Nelson Moving To Light Heavyweight For Some LIKES

Roy Nelson Belly

Roy “Big Country” Nelson is looking to his fan base to decided whether he drops down to light heavyweight.

The reason is my friend and I had a discussion about what was better? I think twitter just because of use and for fans interaction, but Facebook is 20x bigger. So we decided to bet. I said if it so easy and great I should be able add 100K fans in 2 weeks because I have that on twitter. Facebook is bigger and better so this should be easy. Right?

Bet is I will try to get to 205 if I can add 100k to in two weeks. I love to win bets. Plus he will have to give me a part in his next movie.

The UFC heavyweight has lost three of his last four fights and his options are runnng dry with in the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Roy is a talented guy, lets help Big Country, drop that Burger King and move down to fight at his natural weight.