Rumor: Affliction Done, To Call It Quits After Third Show UPDATE



Rumors are swirling that Affliction is looking to get out of the MMA promotion business after a third show. First, the rumor that Affliction VP Tom Atencio spilled the beans today on the Tom Leykis radio show [see below].

Tom Atencio VP of Affliction MMA on the Tom Leykis Show:

“The third show will be it. We dived into the MMA business for a reason. To put on good fights. We have done nothing but that. The third show will be it for us. We are taking a break.”

Michael Rome followed up that Affliction might be looking to the UFC to bail them out.

Michael Rome on BloodyElbow:

I learned in the last hour from someone high up at the UFC that Lorenzo Fertitta was contacted today by Affliction looking for a “beneficial” way out. Realistically, they want back in the Octagon.

I just got this press release in my inbox.

Tonight on Sports Rage Uncensored with Gabriel Morency on Hardcore Sports Rage (Sirius 98), Affliction VP Tom Atencio will join the show at 1:10 AM ET / 10:10 PM PT to discuss the rumor.

Stay tune to, we will report the latest on Affliction as Tom Atencio appears on tonight’s HSR.

Tom Atencio denies all rumors of Affliction closing its doors. He denies even appearing on the Tom Leykis Show or talking with the UFC.

“Things are moving forward”

“As long as people are talking about me I must be doing something right” said Atencio

“I think that he (Dana White) knows that Fedor is the number one fighter in the world.” said Atencio when asked about Dana White’s criticism of Affliction and Fedor Emelianenko.