Ryan Bader Tears MCL and PCL Ligaments In Knee



The Ultimate Fighter 8 winner Ryan “Darth” Bader (9-0) will likely be sideline for the next 6-12 months, after tearing his MCL and PCL ligaments in his knee in his win over Carmelo Marrero at UFC Fight Night 18. While serious, the injury will not need surgery to heal.

“One of the first takedowns, I was passing from half-guard trying to pass to side control, and I just heard my knee pop, which isn’t a big deal because they pop every once in a while … I stood back up and I felt that it was really, really loose. It didn’t really do too much as far as impeding me in the fight or anything like that, but it was starting to swell up a little bit.”

Bader who is undefeated in his mixed martial arts career, defeated Vinny Magalhaes at the Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale, to earn a 6-figure UFC contract.

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