Sarah Kaufman on Ronda Rousey’s Training Hype


Sarah Kaufman, bantamweight challenger thinks that people are underestimating her ability to snatch the title from Ronda Rousey. Rousey has been getting so much attention regarding her title defense match against Kaufman which made the later think that more and more fans are making a big deal of her training rather than the fight itself.

Kaufman was interviewed by Sherdog Radio Network “Beatdown” Show and she said: “They’re forgetting that I had the Strikeforce title. They’re almost looking at it like, oh, I have no fights and I’m just some scrub who’s getting in the cage and I’m going to get killed in five seconds. You know, Ronda’s only had five fights. Looking at that, on paper you would think that I would actually have the advantage but people are clearly on the Ronda hype train, and hype changes how people perceive fights.

Ronda Rousey’s fame is certainly unexpected. She is a bronze medalist in judo at the 2008 Olympics and she became Strikeforce Champion in just a matter of five fights. Meisha Tate even loss to Rousey in March. She was all over town with so many advertisements and promotions before the fight like photo shoots for leading sports network and magazine edition called “The Body Issue”. She even had a special appearance at Conan O’Brien Show on TBS.

But when is extra media too much? “Ronda has done, and been able to do, a lot of really good things when it comes to extra media and things that get people talking” Kaufman replied. “ESPN Body Issue and ringing the bell [at the New York Stock Exchange] there’s just a lot of things happening that should get coverage and I’m glad they have gotten coverage.” Kaufman however admitted that she is actually winning to spar with Rousey verbally but she says that this is really not her style.

“I’m trying to hype the fight in a way that I deem  appropriate for myself.” Kaufman also mentions that although a fight needs to be hyped, there is no need to make up something and engage in a word battle. “I’m the former champion, lost my one fight. I’m really looking at this as I’m coming back… If people want to kind of overlook me and think that I’m just going to get stepped on really fast, that’s great for me because I’m considered an underdog and who doesn’t like being an underdog?”