“Shogun” Rua Gives Way for Machida for the 205 – Pound Title


As announced, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will not be next in line to fight UFC light heavyweight Dan Henderson. Shogun mentions that he has no ill feelings towards Dana White’s decision; UFC President announced shortly after UFC on Fox 4 that Lyoto Machida will face the winner of Jon Jones’ on September 1 which is a title defense against Dan Henderson.

Rua exclaimed: “I respect the decision.” He was interviewed at the Saturday’s post-fight press conference. He adds: “All four guys were ready to fight for the belt. Lyoto is a tough fighter and he deserves to be the contended right now. Let’s wait for my opportunity.

Rua defeated Brandon Vera in the evening’s headliner at the Staples Center in Los Angeles while Lyoto Machida knocked out Ryan Bader in the co-main event. It was initially announced that Rua and Vera were to fight and was announced as a No.1 contender bout. Rua, who is an all time favorite of bookmakers before the contest was likely to win but Vera managed to come back before he met his finish as the fourth round. Many thought that Vera was a bit overmatched in the game but Rua mentioned that expected nothing less than an excellent fight from his opponent. Rua also mentioned: “Tonight was no surprise. I know Brandon Vera and tonight he proved he has a [big] heart.” The fighter also exclaimed that he trained his best to work hard and win.

Vera suffered back to back losses and has made the decision to move to light heavyweight. However, he was unable to capture the spark that he previously had with his earlier matches of this career.

I want to put on a performance so that no one would ever talk bad about the UFC. I wanted Shogun to know how much I respected him by how hard I was fighting him. I wanted to prove everyone wrong. I’m not done, not by a long shot.” Vera also commented at the post-fight conference that he was doing work against a legend that also inspired him during the fight.

Vera’s fight sadly turned into a defeat but he mentions that he was proud of his performance during the fight. “When the time comes, I would love to do that again with Shogun.” He adds: “For a long time, I started taking my job here in the UFC for granted… This isn’t the end. I’m going to get that damn title shot, one way or another.”


  1. UFCfightblogger

    August 6, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    Machida earned the title fight. He was really impressive against Ryan Bader. Bader was never able to land anything significant or threaten Machida. I don’t know if anyone noticed but Machida looked a lot like Anderson Silva out there. You can tell the two have been training together. His hand movements were almost identical to Silva. I can’t wait for the rematch with Jon Jones. Machida gave Jones the toughest fight and he will do well against Jones the next time as well.

  2. G.B Hamerick

    August 7, 2012 at 11:45 am

    It makes no difference who the dictator puts in the octagon with jones the outcome will be the same. Rua will start having flashbacks when the date is set for him to face jones again. Just let jones go down the ladder of contenders and then back up the ladder. All these crazy matches to see who he will fight is stupid. But alas the dictator is all about the money PPV. I will not pay to watch him beat Rua again what a joke.

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