Should Frank Shamrock Be Hailed in UFC Hall of Fame?

Should Frank Shamrock Be Hailed in UFC Hall of Fame?

Should Frank Shamrock Be Hailed in UFC Hall of Fame?Frank Shamrock was given another shake off to be included in UFC Hall of Fame. Called as “The Legend,” he confirms doing fair share with promotions on Zuffa. His exclusion in Zuffa was very disappointing for home. He ensures his declaration by stating the Hall of Fame to have no credibility without him in it. He has been in this sport for many years back when there was no glove or weight classes. He adds, “And unfortunately, that doesn’t define a real sport.”

Currently, the Hall of Fame for UFC includes Royce Gracie, Charles Lewis, Mark Coleman, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Ken Shamrock, and Matt Hughes. These HOFs have marked their spot and so is Frank as proven by his resume. Relatively, the first champion in UFC light heavyweight was Frank Shamrock, which he successfully defended on four fight events. Concerning the UFC title defense, he tied with Liddell at the fifth place just behind St-Pierre, Silva, Hughes, and Ortiz.

As he became the champion during his fights, Frank Shamrock became the number 1 in pound for pound. Moreover, he was titled “Fighter of the Decade” by Wrestling Observer during the 1990s. Another title was given to him as “Best Full Contact Fighter” by Black Belt magazine. He also made the famous achievement over Kevin Jackson, Jeremy Horn, and Tito Ortiz. Jackson was defeated by Shamrock in 16 seconds thereby granted as the Fastest UFC Title Fight by Guinness World Records.

With all these achievements, why can’t he be included in HOF? UFC doesn’t place him in UFC due to his personality being the narcissistic and all. In order to get to UFC President’s favors, a fighter must be able to express himself with high optimism and get the good side of Zuffa promotions. These, all being said, only sum up the lesser side of Frank Shamrock to be included in UFC’s Hall of Fame list.  

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