ShoXC: Elite Chanllenger Series



ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series
October 26th
Santa Ynez, California
Pay-Per-View @ 11 pm EST
Undercards broadcast free on @ 9:30 pm EST

ShoXC is the minor leagues for EliteXC. Unknown fighters get exposure fighting on Showtime, if a fighter puts on good shows and improves, EliteXC might use them in future events.

Main Fight Card

Aaron Rosa vs. Jared Hamman
Javier Vazquez vs. JC Pennington
Malaipet vs. Kaleo Kwan
Shayna Baszler vs. Jennifer Tate
Muhsin Corbbrey vs. Bobby McMaster


Shane del Rosario vs. Amedeo Viola
Giva Santana vs. Jaime Fletcher
Chris Cariaso vs. Rick McCorkell

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  1. Realwun

    October 26, 2007 at 2:10 pm

    Check this show out if you have Showtime. I just saw a really good female fight where Baszler put on a technically perfect armbar from the mount.

    Then I saw Malipet put on a Muy Tai clinic for three rounds, I loved it. The guy was once a Tailand arena Muy Tai Champ (means he was the best in the world) and has over 180 muy tai matches under his belt. His kicks are crazy. Those guys have no feeling in their shins so it was like chopping wood on the other guys leg, gotta give it to Kwan for taking it, he's a tough SOB.

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