Silva’s Afterparty…at the Hospital

In a night of incredible upsets, maybe the most shocking was Dan Henderson stepping up in the main event to do away with the axe murderer Wanderlei Silva. It was an action packed event that with both fighters changing up their styles. Silva was not as aggressive and forward moving for this one and Henderson was really aggressive and not at all intimidated by the true 205 lbs. of Silva.

The first two rounds were close, but I had it Henderson wining both rounds entering the third. The reason is that he was more aggressive and effective with his strikes, also getting points with strikes from the guard and back positions.

In the third round, both fighters looked to keep the pace moving. A couple of minutes in Silva has Henderson in trouble with some good punches, pushes him off guard on his feet…but Henderson throws a spinning backfist that hits Silva out of nowhere and really stuns him. Silva moves back to gain his composure and tries to answer back. After a small exchange, Henderson backs up to the middle of the ring, noticeable tired as he fights upright with his heels on the ground. He swings and dodges Silva with right and left haymakers, finally connecting with a left hook to the jaw that sends Silva down flat on his back. If the hit didn’t finish him off the backlash of his head hitting the mat sure would have. To add insult to injury, Henderson hits him with a solid right elbow on the ground that may have broken his jaw.

In a good fight, Henderson was the better man tonight and he now has both the Lightweight and Middleweight Pride Championship Belts. Afterwards he joked about moving up to get the next belt and also that people could catch Silva’s afterparty at the hospital. It was a joke, but it might have some truth since Silva needed help walking out of the arena.