Sinclair Wins over Winner via Split Decision

Simclair vs Winner

The BAMMA 10 main event was a close call for Rob Sinclair. After 5 tiring rounds he was proclaimed the winner via split decision. The BAMMA 10 was help at the Wembley Stadium in London Saturday night.

Rob Sinclair is the promotion’s reigning lightweight champion and he battled Andre Winner hard during the long five rounds. The scores were 49 -46 for Sinclair and 48 – 47 for Winner. To note that this win was Rob Sinclair’s fourth win with BAMMA; Andre Winner on the other hand marks this defeat his first from BAMMA as he has appeared in three fights.

After the fight, Sinclair was interviewed and this was what he managed to comment after his win: “Jesus Christ, man, I tell you what. Andre has got one tough head. Andre is an amazing, amazing fighter.” He added: “It could’ve gone either way though. A split decision – different day, different judges – in any way a split decision’s a draw, isn’t it?”

In the early part of the fight Sinclair already set up a pace that Winner was not able to totally catch up. Winner was not able to set his own rhythm which caused him too much time in round one and in the second round as well. But Sinclair was able to fight even when his back was against the ring coming up with uppercuts, using his elbows and finally his knees to earn points.

But on the third round, Winner somehow became more responsive and definitely more aggressive with kicks and punches landing on Sinclair’s body but never able to make him lose his focus and determination. The fourth and fifth rounds were all about Winner’s desperate attempts to stop the raging Sinclair but all his efforts were not enough making the judges declare the match in favor of Sinclair via split decision.

Rob “C4” Sinclair is from Manchester, England and currently has 12 wins and 2 losses in his career. His win over Winner is his fifth consecutive win after being defeated by Paul Sass in OMMAC 2 Business As Usual in October 2009 via split decision.

Andre Winner is a native of Leicester, England with 14 wins 7 losses and 1 draw. His latest win was against Diego Gonzales at the BAMMA 8 – Manuwa versus Rea via unanimous decision in December 2011. During the fight against Sinclair, he managed to come up with strikes in the fifth round but these were not enough to faze Sinclair at all.