Site News: Where Have We Been?

Loyal readers, you may have noticed that has been offline for well over 48 hours. Our sites data center had an explosion which knocked out power to over 9000 servers. Here’s a clip via Slashdot:

“Customers hosting with ThePlanet, a major Texas hosting provider, are going through some tough times. Yesterday evening at 5:45 pm local time an electrical short caused a fire and explosion in the power room, knocking out walls and taking the entire facility offline. No-one was hurt and no servers were damaged. Estimates suggest 9,000 servers are offline, affecting 7,500 customers, with ETAs for repair of at least 24 hours from onset. While they claim redundant power, because of the nature of the problem they had to go completely dark. This goes to show that no matter how much planning you do, Murphy’s Law still applies.”

The trouble set in just an hour before the EliteXC CBS show. Luckily, had contributing writer Nichole Lesnik and photographer Steve Keller, covering the event live at the Prudential Center.

We hope the problems are behind us, so we can get caught up on the latest MMA news and opinion.

Thank You
AdrainTapia — Editor