Sokoudjou “I’m really sorry” Unofficial Beatdown At DREAM 9

sokoudjou ufc 84

sokoudjou ufc 84

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou on HDNets Inside MMA:

“There is no bad blood … Actually, [Nortje] is a really cool guy. We met at the bus on the way to the hotel. We were always nice to each other.

“It’s just one of those moments where — you know I lost two fights in a row, and I was in a state where I told myself, ‘There’s no way I can lose this fight.'”

“I got [Nortje] on the ground, just like I thought I would do, and I was pounding and I didn’t want to stop … But I should have stopped.”

“There’s no bad blood. He’s been nice. We’ve run into each other, and every time he’s always been a gentlemen. I feel like a douchebag doing it. I’m really sorry for it.” [MMAjunkie]

After easily getting the TKO victory Jan Nortje at Dream 9 “Super Hulk Tournament”, Sokoudjou refused to stop beating Nortje even as the referee was laying in between the two fighters. Nortje’s camp entered the ring and shuffle ensued between the two camps.