Sports Illustrated: “Pride was overrated”

pride vs. UFC

pride vs. UFC

In a recent article on, David Epstein tried to convince the readers that PRIDE FC was overrated. While some big loses have been featured lately in the media, Epstein statements tells me that he is not an educated fan of the sport.

Many current fighters in the UFC were former Pride fighters. Pride was a breading ground for great fighters, for years many talented Japanese and Brazilian fighters graced the Pride rings in favor of the UFC. Epstien assumes the fact that Ramage is a UFC fighter not a Pride fighter. Jackson has fought most of his career in Pride, 17 promotions vs. 2 UFC promotions coming into UFC 75. Dan Henderson who really should be at middleweight, held his own for 5 rounds with Jackson, making the fight very competitive. UFC fighters Chuck Liddell and Marvin Eastman had early KO loses to Jackson. To say Pride was overrated just shows lack of knowledge of MMA by the “Main Stream Media”.

Since the popularity of The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC has transformed itself into the top promotion in the world. Drawing talent from all over the world as well as creating a new bread of young fighter. This new fighter is skilled in various disciplines, eats clean and can go hard the whole fight. This is a far cry from the old days of the UFC, where many fighters had beer belly’s and partied the week before the fight. They were brawlers, heavy handed tough, but lacked many of the skills the new MMA Fighter has.

Now that PRIDE is no more, we have started to see the PRIDE talent spread to the various promotions. MMA has become so competitive a lose by top fighter is expected. It is more about who doesn’t make a mistakes as opposed to who is more talented. In the end its more about the fighter and not the promotion