Strikeforce: Alistair Overeem Out After “Threats” From Zuffa, Cormier Possible Replacement


Alistair Overeem appeared on the MMA Happy Hour to discuss his upcoming Strikeforce semi-final bout with Antonio Silva. Overeem shocked everyone when he voiced his disapproval of Zuffas’ management of Strikeforce and said he will not me appearing on the proposed September 10th Grand Prix fight card.

“What’s going to happen next, I don’t know. I’ve had some threats of cutting me out of the tournament if I don’t participate. I don’t know if they’re going to do it. Personally, I don’t like to be threatened. If people start talking like that then…be my guest, but then I’m really not going to sing to their tune …. For them to unilaterally declare, okay, [September 10] is going to be the second round, which I never agreed on, and then threaten me if I don’t want it, it…doesn’t really show a lot of respect,”

Tatame is also reporting that Alistair has been removed from the tournament and will be replaced by undefeated wrestler Daniel Cormier.

UFC President Dana White has confirmed Overeem’s removal from the tournament, says he will fight again.

“Sept. 10 was the date Showtime wants us to go, so it’s the date we’ve got to go … It’s unfortunate that Alistair is unavailable, but situations like this are why there are alternates in the tournament … Overeem is under contract, and when his pinky toe heals up, we’ll get him another fight,”