Strikeforce “Fedor vs Silva” Press Conference Recap

Strikeforce Fedor vs Silva Poste

Strikeforce media conference call took place on Jan. 13th at 12pm EST. Scott Coker, Fedor, Antonio Bigfoot Silva is expected to be on the call.

  • HW Tournament will consist of 3 round fights, final will be 5 round.
  • Alistair Overeem’s heavyweight title is not on the line.
  • If Allistair Overeem wins the tourney he will be the Strikeforce HW champion as well as Strikeforce HW Grand Prix champion.
  • Allistair Overeem plans another “The Reem” documentary highlighting his journey trough the Strikeforce HW Grand Prix.
  • Fedor Emelianenko “there are a lot of great fighters in the tournament. i am proud to be part of it.”
  • Antonio BigFoot Silva “I’m going to beat the legend and I’m going to be a legend”
  • Fedor “many times people have sized me up. If they think that they have found what my biggest weakness is, let them try to take advantage of it.”