Strikeforce News: Sean Salmon Suffers Seizure In The Cage

sean salmon

sean salmon

According to the Junkie, Sean Salmon suffered a seizure following a flying knee to the head by Jorge Santiago at yesterdays Strikeforce: Tournament event in San Jose, CA. Salmon was promoted to the main event in the middleweight tournament after Japaneses fighter Yuki Sasaki was denied a licence due to an abnormal MRI.

Salmon lay motionless for more than a minute – in a scene all too familiar. Back in January, Salmon suffered a similar knockout loss, via head kick, to Rashad Evans at a UFC Fight Night event.

Like the UFC loss, Salmon was taken out of the cage in a stretcher but had movement in all of his extremities.

However, California State Athletic Commission Executive Director Armando Garcia later told that Salmon had suffered a seizure while in the cage, which had the doctors “very concerned” and questioning his ability to ever fight again.

Garcia later informed us that Salmon had undergone a CT scan at Valley Medical Hospital that ruled out bleeding of the brain, as well as any skull fractures.