Surpis wins first fight as chaos reigns


In one of the most bizarre fight nights ever Ricardo Supis has recorded his first professional MMA fight . The first fight of the night paramedics were required to assist an injured fighter from the ring, the second fight of the night barely began with a viscous knock out taking place just 2 minutes and 43 seconds in and just before the third fight began a fight broke out in the crowd which resulted in one patron having to be tazerd and forcefully removed. The unsanctioned fight arguably got the biggest crowd reaction of the night with fans fascinated by the out of ring scuffle. The main fight of the night had to be cancelled after Wayne Cole skipped down for unknown reasons and hence forfeited his fight.

There was however one quality fight on the night and that took place between Ricardo Supris and Hernandez Banks. Even this fight however was full of controversy with Banks kicking Supris twice from the ground illegally. The second kick left Supris on the ground writhing in pain. “It was more surprise,” Supris said. “The kicks you don’t see hurt the most.” Despite taking the illegal blows Supris still went on to win the fight with all three judges awarding him the fight. After the fight he said “Winning my first professional fight is the best thing in the world besides being married and having kids.”  He said he was destined to win the fight and could have betterd his opponent standing up or on the floor.