Tara LaRosa on Ronda Rousey

tara larosa

Tara LaRosa was viewing the “Rousey versus Kaufman” fight and she was totally impressed. She broke down the popular first round submission win of Rousey over Kaufman as well as all the other fighters she was able to beat using her signature armbar move.

The top female MMA fighter was interviewed by Sherdog Radio Network’s “Rewind” Show and she had so many impressive comments and speculations before and after the fight; here’s what she mentioned about Kaufman’s strategy against Rousey: “I would have been curious to see how things would have went if Sarah had met her head on as she cam e out from her corner instead of circling. Because as she circled, you saw Ronda kind of stalk her down and sort of made like a spiral toward the cage. As Kaufman circled, she got closer and closer and closer to the cage. Ronda threw the jab to set up the cross and once she threw the cross and left again, she was ready on the cage and able to clinch.” She also mentioned that she was rather curious to see what could have happened if Sarah had met her in the middle of the ring. “It may have just been the same thing, the same conclusion, but I don’t know.”

She also commented on what fighters fail to do as Rousey is set to deliver the armbar. “With Ronda, when she does go for the armbar and she’s got a hold of  you, if you’ve got yourself locked up – you’ve got your arms locked…They are trying to escape by pulling out and stacking, whereas she’s got her feet crossed.” LaRosa also thought of a strategy as she pictures herself at the paws of Rousey’s signature move. “I think I would try to sit my head back through and work my way into guard. Easier said than done – it’s just a theory. I haven’t been in there with her yet, so I don’t know, but one of the things that I do when I’m going with someone that is bigger, stronger or even more proficient, I tend to dig my head through to try to get back into guard.”

She also recognizes Rousey’s domination on the sport since she has a powerful judo background. Other than this impressive skill, she is also training for other mixed martial arts moves making her become better and unbeatable as well.