Terry Martin Makes His Boxing Debut Tonight


Unlike many fighters, moving from other sports to MMA, UFC veteran Terry Martin is looking to go against the tide and try his hands at boxing.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Martin will make his boxing debut tonight April 11, against Ricardo Upchurch at the Odeum Sports and Expo Center in Villa Parm, Illinois.

Martin was released by the UFC following two strait loses in the cage, but hopes to continue in MMA and return to the UFC.

‘‘Boxing was my first love,’’ Martin said. ‘‘I started in mixed martial arts after wrestling in college at Northern Illinois University…It was a logical progression, but I’ve always had boxing in the back of my mind to get back to. Now’s a good time to get back to boxing, my training and sparring have been very good and I have no problem making weight. At this point I’m more excited about boxing than I am in MMA.’’

‘‘When I was growing up people said I looked like Mike Tyson, and that stuck with me…I was a street fighter as a kid. College wrestling and MMA really taught me discipline.’’