The Judging, Again? Let’s Hear Court McGee’s Version

Court McGee

It’s a topic that knows no limit, MMA judging, and until things get settled the discussion is going to carry on. This time its Court McGee that has a bone to pick with the judging regarding his last fight with Nick Ring. The bone isn’t too big though as McGee is taking things with a rain of salt. As he puts it, “You know, it’s not up to me, it’s up to the judges to make that decision and sometimes they don’t make the best decisions.”

He’s the guy that puts his all into every fight and can exit the ring knowing that he gave it all he had. For McGee, that will have to do for now. After his fight with Ring he had no other option but to agree with the final decision and carry on. With a 29-28 unanimous decision in Ring’s favor, many fans were not impressed with the judging, to say the least.

McGee admits that good MMA judges are difficult to find. Some judges are biased based on their former martial arts background. This makes it next to impossible to know what the judges are looking for. Is it grappling? Striking? Who knows – and that’s where the problem lies.

Take into account one promotion that was held in Colorado. During 2 – 3 shows the judges were all amateur boxing judges. They were looking at the punches for the most part and when fighters took to the ground the judges didn’t know much about it.

Court has really taken the judging philosophically without a lot of resentment. He knows that educating the judges won’t be fruitful because the governing bodies will just be choosing their own judges anyway. He’s come to grips with the sporadic judging and just makes sure that after each and every fight he can walk away with his head held high – win or lose. With an attitude like that and some persistence in his training, you can expect great things from this fighter in the future. He seems to understand the importance of bettering himself and giving everything he can to the fights he lands.

Until next time, however, with a new fight and different judges, McGee has given us yet another opportunity to bash MMA judging.