The Nam Phan Advantage over Dennis Siver on UFC on Fox 5

Nam Phan knows that it’s going to be a hard time to knock out Dennis Siver but he likes the match-up anyway. He admits that he may have to knock the fighter down if he really wants him on the ground.

Nam Phan versus Dennis Siver is scheduled for December 8 at UFC on Fox 5. And just recently, Phan was interviewed by Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show as he discusses his training for the fight days away and of course his opinion regarding his opponent.

When he was asked about Siver, Phan mentioned: “He’s a buff guy. He looks like a freaking Ninja Turtle. All muscle, no neck.” And the topic regarding Siver’s drop to 145 pounds: “Of course every fighter wants to fight for the title, and he probably didn’t think he could do that well at 155, trying to get a title shot. He probably thought that he could get a better shot at 145, but we’ll see.”

Phan thinks that his biggest advantage over Siver is his techniques. “I think if it gets to the ground, I’ve got the bigger advantage against him technique-wise.”

Phan revealed how he plans to take Siver down: “My favorite takedown’s probably the left hook to the body. The main way is knock him down and I can capitalize on that.”

The fighter also shared some of the candid moments of his life like the Thanksgiving dinner he had with all the UFC family; he mentions having a good time and eating tuna salad from Subway which was one of the many fit foods to eat that night. Phan is like any average fighter despite his success in the Octagon; he fears walking into the cage when his name is called as well as the anticipation of wanting to fight.

Nam Phan is a 29 year old featherweight fighter from Garden Grove, California, United States. He has 18 wins and 10 losses in his career. His last fight was a win against Cole Miller in UFC on Fox 4 –Shogun versus Vera via split decision. His opponent for UFC on Fox 5, Dennis Siver is a 33 year old featherweight from Mannheim, Germany. He has 20 wins and only 8 losses in his professional career.

UFC on Fox 5 will be on December 8, 2012 at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington, United States.