The People’s Champ Spars with Michael Landsberg on “Off The Record” (Video)

sonnen otr

Chael Sonnen is known to being blunt when telling reporters “I’ve never backed down from anything.” That is until this segment with Michael Landsberg on “Off the Record” Wednesday evening where he gets upset and walks off the set mid-interview.

It’s definitely never easy to read when Chael is joking around or dead serious in his interviews. But this entire segment was doomed from the start as Chael gets offended when asked to explain why he ‘backed down’ from his challenge to Anderson Silva following his victory over Brian Stann. In that post fight interview he said:

Anderson Silva, you absolutely suck! Super Bowl weekend will be the biggest rematch in the history of this business. I’m calling you out Silva, but we’re upping the stakes. I beat you, you leave the division. You beat me, I will leave the UFC … forever.

The entire interview is an awkward clash between the two where Chael pretends to sleep, checks his nails, and tries to spin every question around in a show of either verbal genius or completely avoiding the questions.