The Striking Truth with Georges St. Pierre

This documentary produced by James Hergott, directed by Steven J. Wong and 3D action directed by Bobby Razak involved around Ultimate Fighting champion Georges St. Pierre and MMA fighter David “The Crow” Loiseau.   “The Striking Truth” follows both of these men over a period of four years, beginning with a fight between the US and Canada where David Loiseau fought for the championship against Rich Franklin followed by another event where St. Pierre was against BJ Penn. The film follows both of their careers with the help of exclusive training scenes, behind the scene events, as well as the help of 3D renderings to showcase the fighting styles of both champions.

“The Striking Truth” hitches off  with George St. Pierre showing his home in 2006 before getting into the grit and sweat of gym training life along with the background themed music that drives most emotions in films such as these.  The rise of these two Canadian stars tells the story of their triumphs, defeats, and the various struggles they endured while attempting to participate in this strenuous sport which demands very tough physical and mental prowess.  The stories told of these two men are compelling tales in it, bringing to the forefront of Pierre’s quiet life on a farm and Loiseau’s Haitian upbringing into their transformations as the fighting stars they are known today.

Steven Wong directs the documentary with varying degrees of symbolism, in one scene, George St. Pierre is seen playing a game of chess with the black King clattering down upon the board in a dramatic statement of rise and fall while on other occasions, the two men could be seen jogging along the same path until they meet a split in the trail, whereupon the two men then run their separate chosen ways.

Wong had to improvise on many occasions; the documentary was not officially authorized by the UFC so during great moments in both of the fighter’s careers, instead of shots of the actual events and fights, narration and 3D compilations were used as a substitute.

The film delivers some personal vinaigrette between the two men for in George St. Pierre’s case; he talks about how it is very dishonorable for one’s self to plan their future with goals that are subpar from their potential. In his view the greatest reward that one can take is beating the odds, and standing proud that one’s accomplishments were made from what was deemed as the impossible.

In David Loiseau’s story, his loss to Rich Franklyn was a very low point in his life that made him question his confidence as well as his skill as a fighting champion.   Viewers will leave with the impression that Loiseau never got over that loss but despite it, the next few days after, he was back in the gym training some more.  This is the ongoing story of both fighters, and the recurring theme that propels the narrative in a way that most sports fans will admire and take away something positive after they watch this film.

The Striking Truth”  although not officially backed by the UFC, does a great job from the mind of  Stephen Wong at showcasing the internal struggles and hardships the sport has on its players through St. Pierre and David Loiseau wins, losses, and never ending determination.  The fans of the UFC will not be disappointed when they view this film and I am sure even if you aren’t a fan, anyone can take some form of an inspiration from watching the stories of these two fighters.