The UFC is set to return to Brazil for a third time in 2012

The UFC 147 event in Belo Horizonte, Brazil may not have even started yet but that hasn’t stopped the organisers from planning a return trip to the largest nation in South America.

The managing director of the UFC Marshall Zelaznik, announced today during a press conference that the UFC will likely visit the country again before the end of the year.

Rumours are circulating that Brazil will play host to UFC 153 and that the event would most likely take place on October the 13th. HSBC arena in Rio de Janeiro is rumoured to have already secured the event which is expected to be worth millions. However at this stage nothing is confirmed and both the host city and dates are liable to change in the next couple of months before any official announcement is made.

The UFC actually has a long history with South America’s largest nation. Sao Paulo was the first city to host the UFC in 1998. UFC 17.5 however was only a moderate success. The UFC only returned to Brazil in August last year for the UFC 134. This time the event was embraced by the entire nation with their enthusiasm convincing the organisers to return the event to Brazil in January of this year. Hence UFC 147 will be the second time the UFC has come to Brazil in 2012.

At his pre-event press conference Zelaznik said that Brazil was the perfect breeding ground for new UFC fans. “The growth of the UFC here is based on the foundation of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and a real foundation for this sport in this country – the icons, the Brazilian fighters, the champions have put the UFC in a great position for success here”.