The UFC Trend on TRT: Will This Truly Endanger the Sport?

The UFC Trend on TRT: Will This Truly Endanger the Sport?

The UFC Trend on TRT: Will This Truly Endanger the Sport?Issues on Testosterone Replacement Therapy have gone wild since last year. With this turning out for MMA, the likelihood for the issue being put to rest might not be the end of it soon. Some UFC fans are witnesses to what TRT has been doing in and out of the cage recently. There is roughly 50% chance on hitting an MMA fighter in Las Vegas consuming TRT. The coverage of media adds more to this fiasco of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Another issue regarded was the Therapeutic Use Exemption made on TRT recently.

Forrest Griffin’s Revelation

After admitting on UFC that he’s on TRT, the hysteria on this matter only became more apparent. Even from a small outlook on this matter, Griffin appears to have not taken the sport seriously because of his favor on TRT. Due to this incident, his reputation may not have well reserved a clean slate for Griffin thus adding him to the long list of MMA fighters consuming TRT. Nonetheless, some have seen the advantage on using this trend to their advantage. A current article about Griffin’s decision supports the issue especially for fighters who still want to be a fighter inside the Octagon. This is still probable through the use of legal methods available.

The Truth on TRT Use

The current study suggests that TRT cannot be monitored and used fairly by an MMA fighter. Once TRT is in your system, it allows the body to exceed the regular limits on training and recovery. The body begins to depend on it like energy. It is like an instant weapon against a regular opponent. That being said already stains the reputation of MMA. Competitive sport does not cling to these materials or substances. A few who would use the substance would create an unfair game for the whole camp.