The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finally Recap

Serra winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 4

I picked the winners, but I was way off on some of these fights.

Travis Lutter vs. Patrick Cote
Lutter came out aggressively taking Cote down early and submitting him with an armbar in the first round.

Matt Serra vs. Chris Lytle

This fight was a battle. Serra spent most the time struggling for a take down. Lytle defended most of the fight that is why the decision went to Serra. Even though Lytle lost the decision, he showed one of the best take down defenses in the game. I don’t know why people were shocked with the decision. Like in most sports you can’t win a fight with out any offence. Lytle won the first because of a take down, but Serra actually had a pretty good submission attempt from his back. Serra pushed the fight all three rounds. I give it 2-1 Serra.

Sell KO by Smith TUF 4 Finaly

Din Thomas vs. Rich Clementi
Din Thomas controlled the fight, landing some good punch combinations. Clementi was hurt and gave Thomas his back. Din Thomas secures the rear naked choke for the submission.

Martin Kampmann vs. Thales Leites
Kampmann wins the decision over Leites.

Charles McCarthy vs. Gideon Ray

Charles McCarthy by Armbar Submission in the first. They did not televise this fight

Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell
This was the fight of the night. Smith and Sell slugged it out in the first round. The fight was very close to call, Pete Sell landed a huge body shot in the second. As Pete Sell went to finish the quivering Scott Smith. Smith unleashes a wild last chance punch and knocks Sell out cold. Now how many fights do you see the winner on the ground being attended to, while the loser is up and walking around. You got to give it to Scott Smith, that was one magic last punch. Smith by KO in the second.

Pete Spratt vs. Jeremy Jackson

Pete Sprat defeats Jeremy Jackson by injury submission in the second. They did not televise this fight.

Jorge Rivera vs. Edwin Dewees
Jorge rocks Dewees and just kept the pressure on till the referee stoppage in the first round.