The Ultimate Fighter 7: Week 10 Recap


TUF 7, Week 10 Recap

As it does every week, the episode begins with recaps. First, we get a flash of some scenes from previous episodes — in particular the ones where Cale Yarbrough is bugging the hell out of C.B. Dollaway. This is the expected beginning of the hype for their fight. Then the recap finishes with some shots of Matt Brown being choked out by Amir Sadollah and Jesse Taylor winning over Dante Rivera.

Of course, everyone then begins talking about how intense and tough the fight between Matt and Amir was. Though no one seemed to be surprised, everyone is amazed. In particular, Jeremy May. He (god knows why) doesn’t understand why he didn’t look that good against Brown (uh, duh!). He declares that he wants a rematch (insert gagging sound here). Brown, of course, limps out of the room feeling disrespected.

Back at the house, Brown relays the sad May tale to everyone else. Jesse seems to take this to heart the most and agrees that Brown was disrespected. This causes him to unleash a flurry of insults toward (the then absent) May. He calls him a “broken nosed bitch” — and at this point May walks around the corner to hear all this — a slut, a queer and a dick-face (interesting adjective choices). Apparently, May cannot take what he dishes, because he gets pissed claiming that at least he talks shit to people’s face. He decides right then (to poor Gerald Harris) that he’s gonna push Jesse’s buttons to get him to hit him so he’ll be thrown out of the house. All Gerald can do is shake his head.

A few of the guys start drinking and May gets a few in him. With his drunken confidence, he decides to make good on his promise. He climbs in on the guys’ card game. Jesse informs him he that disrespected Matt — this is followed by a ridiculous amount of beeping (thank god I can read lips). They keep calling each other “bitch” among other lovely words they wouldn’t use in front of their mothers. The last straw is May referring to Jesse as a “Jewish bitch” (and ironically, he IS Jewish). And what timing, they cut to commercial just as it looks like Jesse is about to put his foot through May. Thankfully when we return, everyone is holding Jesse back and talking sense into by reminding him that he’s going to the semis. May makes a terrible attempt to offer an apology, which Jesse grudgingly takes — but not really. Phew….definitely dodged a bullet on that one!


Tim Credeur v. Dan Cramer

Credeur strikes first. They swap a bunch of punches. Cramer kicks but Credeur catches it and goes for the take down. They clinch. Looks like Credeur controls it while Cramer tries to wriggle out of it. Cramer takes him down and is on top. He gains side control, but then turns to stand and throw some strikes from above. Both stand, but Cramer continues to land several punches. Cramer takes him down again and has full mount. Credeur turns out and gets on top in full guard. Cramer manages to push him off. Credeur has side control, but they both end up in a clinch. Cramer goes for and gets a sloppy take down. He begins to stumble over Credeur, and Credeur is able to grab onto his leg. Cramer grabs the fence and gets warned. As he backs off the fence, he falls over and Credeur fully gets his foot and turns it into a heel hook. Cramer taps almost instantly.

Winner: Tim Credeur by submission (heel hook)

And as seems to be the trend in the show, the fight’s winner is disappointed in his performance. Tim was disappointed in hiss wrestling. He thinks he has more potential than he shows. Ahh, don’t we all?

Back at the house…C.B. reiterates that he hates Cale. And makes it known to all. Let the hyping continue!

At the Team Rampage training session, C.B.’s annoyance is fortified by Rampage who just keeps telling C.B. to smash his face in. Their strategy? Whoop his ass. His prediction? That C.B. will leave Cale saying, “Please don’t hurt me, Mr. C.B., sir.”

At the Team Forrest training session, the sentiments are surprisingly confident. Both Forrest and Cale think that C.B. is an overhyped, arrogant prick. Maybe. But will he back it up?

Then we a get a break from the drama and the hype (though short-lived). To blow off some steam, Dana allows coaches take teams out to race go-karts. Yeah, take them out of one competitive place and put them in another. I’m shocked they didn’t ram the cars into one another. But…they all seem to have a good time.

And the good time continued back at the house with drinking, lots of drinking. The guys are all revved up. C.B. slam dunks on the basketball machine and breaks it. Gerald and C.B. decide it’d be a fun idea to throw it over the banister…which sets off a chain reaction. EVERYONE starts smashing s**t. Things are flying at walls, off the 2nd floor, windows are broken… Jesse literally rips the banister out of the floor. The house looks like WWIII and yet they guys feel greatly relieved to have gotten their aggravation out. And just when I thought these boys were different from pervious seasons…sheesh!


C.B. Dollaway v. Cale Yarbrough

C.B. pretty much guarantees a win, but Cale says he’s not going without a fight. I sure hope so!

The round begins….and WTF??? They go to commercial almost as soon as they touch gloves??? Huh? Did I miss something? Please, someone tell me they did this in your area too? Then I won’t have to call my cable company and rip them a new one!

Two commercials are shown in their entirety!

BACK TO THE FIGHT….and it’s a minute and a half in! Suddenly C.B. has Yarbrough on the ground and is pounding him from the side. He quickly gets on top in full mount and is seriously pounding down on his head. Yarbrough tries desperately to block the shots and buck his hips. Yarbrough rolls over and C.B. just pounds on his head from his back. He releases the grip with his legs and he’s raining strikes on Yarbrough’s head while he’s in turtle position. We hear Forrest in the background yelling to Yarbrough to fight back. He doesn’t….the ref stops it.

Winner: C.B. Dollaway by TKO

Obviously, no one is surprised by the outcome. Cale is very respectful and admits he just got outclassed. Cocky as usual, C.B. doesn’t give Cale a second thought and claims that he can beat whoever’s left.

Forrest admits that C.B. is good, but he hates the cockiness. He doesn’t care for C.B.’s attitude. “There’s nothing worse than a guy who talks a lotta shit, but then backs it up. God bless him, but I hate him. Someone please beat him.” Jesse offers to be that someone.

Of course then, talk turns to the semifinals.

Dana arrives to meet with the coaches to make the semi picks…but…where’s Rampage?
Forrest goes in with Dana after waiting for 40 minutes. This has Forrest thinking he’s gonna get his way because Rampage isn’t there. He’s stoked. They call the fighters in one by one to see who they wanna fight.

Then Rampage finally rolls in…his excuse is that he couldn’t sleep the night before because he was watching TV, then he woke up late. Poor baby didn’t even brush his teeth. He came straight there like a good boy. He missed the picks….ah, damn. Dana makes the fight announcement despite the delay:

  1. Jesse Taylor v. Tim Credeur
  2. C.B. Dollaway v. Amir Sadollah

The reactions are shock all around. C.B. says that the picks were not what he was expecting, and thinks Amir is the most dangerous to him. One can only hope!

And the show ends with some humor out of Forrest. He is disappointed that his brown nosing didn’t work and that he didn’t get the match-ups he wanted. “Quinton wasn’t even in the room, and I still didn’t get my way!” I actually feel for Forrest.

With the semis announced, we can only anticipate more tension and drama in the house. As the season nears its end and we look at the remaining four fighters, I think we can already tell it will end with a bang no matter what — literally.