The Ultimate Fighter 7: Week 7 Recap

TUF 7 finale

As the episode begins, we get little snippets of last week’s fights (Matt Brown def. Jeremy May and Dan Cramer def. Luke Zachrich). And of course, Rampage is still bubbling over the fact that he gets control. But will he keep it?

Then the show jumps right into the fight announcement. Rampage wants to milk his moment for all its worth so he takes his time making the choices. He chooses Gerald Harris to fight Amir Sadollah. Basically, it’s going to be the wrestler versus the kickboxer.

At the Team Rampage training session, Rampage and Harris are interviewed and both clearly think that Harris is the likely winner. Harris admits how much he enjoys picking people up and slamming them — with a smile on his face. Ever the comedian, Rampage calls Harris his “mini-me” because he fights like him.

In Team Forrest’s training session, the mood is very different. Sadollah says that he doesn’t consider himself a complete amateur, but he is not nearly as “stoked” as Harris. Even Forrest seems worried and questions Sadollah’s confidence. In an effort to rile him up, Forrest even offers to shave his whole head if Sadollah loses and half his head if he wins.

On fight day, Harris shows his weakness in his fear of letting his family down. And Sadollah tries to be confident — he swears that he doesn’t suck. Time for both to put their money where their mouths are.

Round 1

Both guys come out and seem a little hesitant at first. Harris gets a takedown pretty quickly. He keeps him pinned against the cage, but there is no real action. Sadollah is able to kick him off, but Harris comes right back. Sadollah tries to set Harris up for an armbar but fails. Both get some strikes in and end up back on their feet. Harris manages to pick Sadollah up and slams him to the mat like a ragdoll. Harris again has Sadollah pinned against the fence and then slams him for a second time. Harris keeps his forearm on Sadollah’s throat, but Sadollah still manages to strike.
Both are up on their feet again, but Harris gets yet another takedown. He has Sadollah’s leg, but Sadollah is the only one landing any punches. Sadollah twists around to get Harris’s neck. Harris gets up and latches on to Sadollah’s waist for the takedown but the round ends. Neither looked particularly impressive.

Round 2

Sadollah (finally) tries some stand up and we see a few weak exchanges. Harris, of course, goes for the takedown. Sadollah straddles and tries to sprawl, but ends up on his back. You can hear Rampage yelling for Harris to drop some elbows, but Harris doesn’t provide. They both get back on their feet and Harris immediately goes for the takedown, but by now Sadollah has perfected his sprawl. Harris has Sadollah’s leg, but Sadollah is able to spin out and take Harris’s back. They stand up again and Harris gets another takedown but he never really takes advantage. They stand up (again) and as Harris goes for another takedown, Sadollah rocks Harris with a perfectly timed knee to the jaw. Harris is on the ground, clearly out for a few seconds, and Sadollah rains down the fists until the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Amir Sadollah, Round 2 by TKO

Harris is clearly pissed off about the stoppage and claims that he wasn’t out. But it was plain as day — he wasn’t fighting back or even defending himself. He was o-u-t. His takedowns were flashy and plentiful, but useless in that he didn’t really inflict any damage. Sadollah on the other hand took advantage when he could. He timed his shots well — and it worked. He waited for Harris to lower his head for the takedown and timed a perfect knee for the win. Now he’s happy to get the respect he deserves.

Rampage is visibly disappointed, but tries to comfort an angry Harris who is upset about letting his family down. Aww….group hug??

Moving right along, we get the next fight announcement with Team Forrest back in control. Forrest chooses Cale Yarbrough to fight Patrick Schultz (leaving the remaining two fighters, CB Dolloway and Nick Klein, to fight in next week’s show).

In typical Rampage fashion, he starts trashing Yarbrough — claiming that his mom could beat him. Oh, Rampage….

After seeing scenes from the training sessions of both teams, it has pretty much been determined that the fight between Yarbrough and Schultz will be entirely stand-up. Yarbrough prefers it and Schultz’s strength is Muay Thai. Yarbrough seems determined to take out Schultz because he (and the others) feel like Schultz shouldn’t even be there because he already lost (Schultz came back to replace Paul Bradley). But Schultz feels that he shouldn’t be taken so lightly — claims that he’s the shark and the one that Team Forrest should be worried about. Guess we’ll see about that…

Round 1

Both immediately come out swinging. A lot of strikes are swapped and both seem pretty even from the start. Yarbrough is able to land some nice leg kicks. Within the first couple minutes, both look like they’re calculating their strikes. Schultz lands a good punch and Yarbrough ends up on his back, but Schultz doesn’t capitalize. Some more strikes for both, and then Yarbrough kicks so hard he falls! By now, both are starting to look a bit tired. There are a lot of sloppy punches and kicks on both ends. And they both begin to drop their hands. Schultz takes advantage and lands a good shot with 2:15 left.
Finally Yarbrough goes for and nails a takedown. Schultz clinches Yarbrough’s head, but Yarbrough manages to land a lot of strikes to Schultz’s face. Both are back on their feet to dance around and throw some very awkward looking strikes and kicks. Yarbrough gets another takedown and tje round ends with Yarbough landing a barrage of fists to Schultz’s face.

Round 2

Again, both come out swinging, but neither is really defending themselves. Yarbrough lands a good knee to the head and gets the takedown. On the ground, Yarbough rains down strikes to Schultz’s head. In half guard, Yarbrough continues to drop ‘bows and fists on Schultz for over a minute. Schultz is blocking them, but he’s not really fighting back. Yarbrough seems to really listen to his corner and continuously tries to get full mount. It looks like Yarbrough is doing the most damage to Schultz’s head and ribs. Schultz keeps trying to turn out but Yarbrough puts him right back and continues the torrent of fists. He maintains his rake choke and just beats Schultz down. Schultz just keeps his arms up to block until the round ends.

Forrest being Forrest, he offers up a third round. Rampage is all about the third round — claims that Schultz won the first round and Yarbrough won the second. All seem to want to go for it (with some lovely chanting in the background), but it goes to decision with Forrest laughing all the way…

Winner: Cale Yarbrough, majority decision

Tired of losing, this seems to be the last straw for Rampage and he is pissed off. He begins to stomp around the ring and yells to Forrest that he’ll bet his purse that their fight won’t go to decision.

They cut to an interview with Dana White who just chuckles about the anger between Rampage and Forrest. He jokes that the two of them want to “Ken and Tito each other” — a reference to the daily arguments when Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz coached the third season. Thankfully for us, Rampage and Forrest are much funnier than Ken and Tito.

The previews of next week look promising — but which “fight” will be better? The favorite, CB Dolloway and Nick Klein? Or pranksters Rampage and Forrest?


  1. PooPooPlatter

    May 15, 2008 at 12:23 am

    All Harris really did was take Sadollah down and hold him there. *yawn*

    For a semi-amatuer, Sadollah didn't do half bad against an experienced Harris!

  2. Scooby Doo

    May 15, 2008 at 1:01 am

    this season is weak ,why did they you get fighters who don't coach to coach? I liked the fact that they had to fight to get on the show. Keep that new perspective ,but put fighters or coaches that can coach to go up against each other skill wise. the first fight yawn indeed second fight had some excitement ,but it got a little stagnent but it ended with a good knee.


    May 15, 2008 at 2:24 am

    harris didnt do much…. not impressed. You can pick someone up and drop them but then if you just lay on top of them your not going to win the fight. For many of these guys tehy need to stop worrying about winning the fight so much as making a lasting impression. Even if they dont win it they can come out of this and still make it but they have to stop thinking that just cause they do win they are automatically a world champ or something. ITS A TV SHOW!

  4. Morey

    May 15, 2008 at 8:55 am

    Harris was too one dimensional and wouldn't change his gameplan mid fight. Amir started to figure out that when he kicked him away he came charging head down as fast as possible for the takedown. It was just a matter of time before he could connect with a knee. Amir showed a lot of heart in that fight.

    For an experienced kickboxer Shultz didn't look that technically impressive. Big looping right hand that he cocked before he threw. And when he lost form he was throwing it with all upper body, not leg or hip momentum. I don't think either of those guys have a shot at winning it.

  5. mr. Green

    May 15, 2008 at 11:08 am

    this season is weak ,, but i am gald that Team Forest is leading the way and i do believe that Forest will do the same when they fight,,,,i'am not worried about Rampage

    replying back to this because i know he cant read…

  6. mr. Green

    May 15, 2008 at 11:16 am

    Jackson is no Coach,, just a lucky street fighter and i think he is going down just like his litter buddy Harris did last night…….just a bunch of lip…..(Rampage calls Harris his “mini-me” because he fights like him) not impressed

  7. kom34

    May 15, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    i think they aren't doing that bad as coaches. it seems to me like all of their fighters want to get in there and fight for their coaches. in past seasons you always heard about some fighters hating their coaches. plus i dont think you can do worse than ken shamrock as a coach.

  8. GirlyGirl

    May 15, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    I completely agree with kom34 – this season there seems to be a lot more heart as far as both the fighters AND the coaches go. In previous seasons the fighters didn't seem to care as much (which is why so many seemed to leave) and the coaches cared more about their own fight and their own egos. What this season lacks in talent, they make up for in heart.


    May 15, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    Yarbourough might as well just drop out not sure who he fought to get in but I am not impressed. Schultz is basically a brawler, the guy had ZERO ground game, he just kissed any chance at the UFC he had good bye. I don't think Harris is a bad fighter, I just think he could be like a brock lesnar, great physique strong as hell, just needs some polish. I didn't like rampage either before all this started or to be honest forrest all that much either. However they both genuinely care about there fighters from not only a coaches perspective but as people too and as a coach and a US soldier I really respect that and hope these two go out and put on a show and have a great fight. I am also with girlygirl, other than Jeremy May I think everyone on this cast has shown heart and the drive not only to win but to get better. I do think on this show they are doing more focusing on the fighting rather than all the extra curicular BS in previous seasons. I am enjoying this season.

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