The Ultimate Fighter 7: Week 8 Recap

TUF 7 finale

In usual manner, the show starts with a recap of last week’s fights. There are scenes from Amir Sadollah’s comeback win over Gerald Harris and of Cale Yarbrough’s win over Pat Schultz.

In an interview with Dana White, Dana comments on the Schultz/Yarbrough fight, stating that he was happy with Schultz’s performance in the first round. He scored the round 10-9 in favor of Schultz. However, he recognized that Yarbrough turned the second round in his favor and hammered Schultz entirely. He scored the second round 8-10 Yarbrough — and apparently the judges agreed giving the fight to Yarbrough. Now we finally get to see the real reactions from both coaches. Rampage’s trash talking (added in with Schultz’s “go back to your corner” comment) seems to really get under Forrest’s skin. First, he storms into the locker rooms and he “Lebens” the door, smashing it pretty much in half. As Dana comes in Forrest is shadowboxing, ready to fight Rampage right then and there. Finally, he calms down when Schultz comes in and apologizes for his disrespect. He realized that what he said to a veteran was out of line for a guy just trying to break into the business. Definite class-points for Schultz.

By now the goofball in Forrest has taken over. At their training session, he manages to get a net gun and the team is joking around about making Rampage its first victim. Everyone’s pretty nervous about how Rampage would take it, except for Forrest. “What’s he gonna do? Beat me up?”

Over at Team Rampage’s training session, we see Forrest sneaking in, net gun behind his back. Climbing up on to the cage, he nails Rampage while he’s sitting on the mat against the cage. A shocked Rampage roars that Forrest went to far, and that this is war. All he can keep talking about is how he can’t believe he got netted in front of the whole world, on national TV. It’s pretty clear that payback will be a b***h!

Finally all attentions are turned toward the last preliminary fight — C.B. Dollaway and Nick Klein. Dollaway mentions how he got into MMA — because there is no “pro” wrestling. And while Rampage admits that he’s the best in the house, he also knows that C.B. is too full of himself, so he’ll have to put all 12-inches of his foot up his ass.

In training, C.B. is practicing with Matt Riddle. Riddle gets him to tap with a kneebar — the perfect opening to Rampage to rib him a little. Not known to take ridicule, C.B. shoots back with a playful kick. Oh, no he didn’t! Rampage begins to empty his pockets and strip down to roll with C.B. Rampage manages to take him down, but C.B. flips him and gets him to tap with a guillotine. Yeah, Rampage — C.B. is that good.

Back at Klein’s training session, strategy seems to be the focus. They decide the plan is to take advantage of the fact that C.B. is a wrestler — get him on his back and he’ll panic. If he can’t keep the fight standing, at least he has good conditioning and good scrambling…

With the weight of Rampage’s team on C.B.’s shoulders, the fight begins.
Round 1

Dollaway comes out attacking quickly with a kick and the action is turned to the floor. At first Klein is on his back, but when he manages to get out of Dollaway’s guillotine, C.B. sweeps him and gets Klein’s back. Dollaway offers a lot of strikes to his head and ribs. This brings on a warning from Mazzagatti for hitting the back of the head. Klein eventually manages to spin and get Dollaway’s leg for a kneebar, but Dollaway gets out of it. Again, Dollaway winds up on top and in control. With Dollaway in half mount, Klein gets his arm in a weak armbar, but again, Dollaway gets out. Half standing, Dollaway lands several more blows and regains half guard. While working his ground-n-pound, Dollaway is trying to get full mount. Dollaway lands some damaging blows to Klein’s head for a good 30 seconds. Klein is able to push Dollaway off, but gives up his back. Not a lot of motion, but Klein turns and Dollaway is back on top. Klein gets his arm again, and tries to roll, but the round ends with Dollaway defending the submission.

Round 2

In Dollaway’s corner, we hear Rampage saying that he wouldn’t be surprised if the judges gave Klein the round because of all his punches to the back of the head. Could be very telling…

The round begins and both fighters make a go at stand-up. A few good jabs from Klein and a few good kicks from Dollaway. We hear Forrest yelling at Klein to throw hard, but Klein pulls Dollaway down to the ground on top of him. Dollaway is on top, but Klein is doing most of the striking. Dollaway manages to get Klein’s arm, but he pulls out quickly and gives up his back again.

Klein tries to scramble, but gives Dollaway side control, then back to full guard. Klein is then warned for kicking Dollaway in the head. Dollaway is raining down elbows and fists, so Klein turns to get out of it and gives up his back. In doing so, he leaves his neck wide open. Dollaway sees the opening, goes in for the deep guillotine and Klein taps.

Winner: C.B. Dollaway by submission (guillotine)

Overall, the feeling is that the fight was more impressive and more technical than anyone had thought it would’ve been. While everyone knew that C.B. was good, everyone was still impressed with Klein. With the win, C.B. is very happy with himself and happy to save face for the team, but with the impending quarterfinals, it’s every man for himself.

Back at the house, C.B. is chilling in the hot tub with Matt Riddle, both donning matching shades. Cale comes in and decides to call them “douches” and “boyfriends”. Again, C.B. doesn’t really like jokes aimed at him. He’s grown tired of Cale’s stupid jokes and has now made it personal. He wants to be matched with him in the quarters.

In the gym, Forrest makes good on the promise he made to Amir. Amir proceeds to shave Forrest’s head as he wishes, shaving it completely, save for some horrible lines on the left side. As Forrest gets ready to shower, in comes Rampage who nails him with a jumbo water gun. When he sees that Forrest has an extra pair of dry shorts, yeah, he soaks them too. Revenge is sweet, isn’t it Rampage?

In the last five minutes of the show, the coaches, along with Dana, are deciding who to pair up in the quarterfinals. They call each fighter in one by one and ask them who they’d like to fight. Each fighter has their top couple that they’d like, but the only one that matters is C.B. C.B. wants Cale. C.B. gets Cale.

And the quarterfinals are:
* Jesse Taylor vs. Dante Rivera
* Amir Sadollah vs. Matt Brown
* Dan Cramer vs. Tim Credeur
* C.B. Dollaway vs. Cale Yarbrough

Next week we’ll see the first two of the quarterfinals. And hopefully more revenge.