The Ultimate Fighter 8: Episode 2 Recap


Episode two brings us the remaining eight fights with the fighters attempting to win their way into the house. The show opens with glimpses of last week’s season openers. Jason Guida failing to make weight; his replacement failing to win; Junie Brown destroying Jose Aguilar; and so on and so forth…

Let the remaining eight fights begin… (winners are italicized)

Fight 1: LW
Wesley Murch v. John Polakowski

Pre-fight we see that these two are characters to say the least. Murch (a Brit) quotes Churchill while Polakowski says he has ADHD because he can’t sit still, but…loves to hug??? Umm, okay?

Round 1: Both come out swinging aggressively. They clinch and they both deliver some knees. We see a lot of dirty boxing. (Mir says he likes Lightweights because of it – agreed.) Murch ends up on top of Polakowski in his guard. Murch tries posturing up and gets in some body shots. Polakowski kicks him off and gets warned for punching the back of the head. Murch goes for the heel hook…but can’t seem to get it locked in and Polakowski sneaks out. Polakowski gets on Murch’s back and turns to half mount him. Gets in some nice shots to the head. They’re back up and they clinch against the fence. Polakowski combos some knees and body shots. He even tries a flying knee. Murch goes for the takedown but Polakowski has a nice sprawl. Murch takes Polakowski’s back and goes for a rear naked choke. He can’t get it in deep enough and Polakowski turns out of it. With Polakowski in full guard, they exchange jabs but get back up. Polakowski gets a head shot that puts Murch on the ground and as the round ends, Murch is grasping at his shin in pain.

Round 2: Murch is still willing to fight, but he’s limping a little…well, make that a lot. He is constantly backing up, but then goes for a flying knee. When he comes back down, he crumbles in pain in the corner. Polakowski goes for the attack, but the ref stops it.

Polakowski is a lunatic!!! A lovable lunatic, but a lunatic nonetheless. He runs and hugs Nog…who claims he likes to hug too!!! Mir, on the other hand, is a little weirded out by it. Decides that if he is on Mir’s team, he wants to limit his hugging. Maybe Polakowski will be the “nice” version of Jeremy May?

*** Just a side note: in looking at Polakowski’s Sherdog stats, he has fought Olaf Alfonso three times, in three different years. I just found it odd….Hmmm…. ***

Fight 2: LHW
Shane Primm v. Sean O’Connell

Round 1: The both come out swinging right away and get into some dirty boxing. A lot of knees from Primm and some good shots to the head. O’Connell tries going for the takedown, and eventually Primm succumbs. O’Connell is on top and pounds him. Primm gets O’Connell’s arm and goes for an armbar. Primm is holding on tight but O’Connell gets out only to have his head locked in by Primm. Primm is on top and clinches his head for some dangerous knees. He then gets his arm but can’t finish it. With Primm in side control he lands some great knees to his ribs. He mounts him and O’Connell rolls to give Primm his back. Primm tries to flatten him out and peppers him with shots. He slips the hook in under the neck and they roll onto their backs. Primm gets the rear naked choke in deep, drives his hips and O’Connell taps.

Fight 3: LW
Ido Pariente v. Efrain Escudero

Round 1: A little dancing and they end up in the clinch. Pariente goes for the takedown and they’re up against the fence, but Pariente ends up on his back. Escudero is in full guard and is pounding on Pariente’s ribs. They get back up and Pariente goes for another takedown. He gets in some good knee to Escudero’s body. Escudero then gets a takedown and is in half guard. It’s slow fight for a bit. They get up and Pariente tries to take Escudero down again but Escudero gets Pariente’s neck instead. He mounts Pariente’s back and they roll. Escudero tries to slip in under Pariente’s neck, but Pariente won’t let it get in deep. Pariente tries to turn out but he can’t and he taps. Another win via rear naked choke.

Fight 4: LHW
Ryan Lopez v. Tom Lawlor

Pre-fight we find out that Lopez is a bounty hunter by day, fighter by evening. He is happy to be at TUF because at least he doesn’t have to worry about getting shot at there! Lawlor just wants to fight to eat (PS…oh boy, not another stupid haircut!).

Round 1: A jab exchange. Lawlor takes Lopez down quickly. Very fast-paced fight. Lopez rolls and Lawlor tries to mount his back. He does. Lawlor gets the hooks in under his neck and Lopez taps lightning fast. A win for Lawlor by rear naked choke (3 out 4 so far!).

Fight 5: LW
Roli Delgado v. George Roop

This was one of the fights they really glaze over. In the clips, we see lots of action. The fight is crazy fast. Both guys are constantly swinging, almost to the point that they are sloppy. Roop ends up on his back and is in a submission hold. It’s not looking good for him. Mir is shouting instructions to him, and to his surprise, Roop listens! He gets out of it. (Mir likes that he is so coachable.) Roop ends up on top but the round ends. In Round 2, Roop keeps it on his feet with better punches and better kicks. Roop wins via decision.

Fight 6: LHW
Kyle Kingsbury v. Ryan Bader

Again, another highlight reel fight. And again, crazy swinging. Kingsbury has good sprawl, and good swinging. He seems to be very physical, which impresses Nog. To boot, he has good wrestling, which makes Nog think he has “eyes of tiger”. In Round 2, we see much of the same. But this time, there is a huge takedown for Bader. Bader gets Kingsbury in a funky choke and gets him to tap.

Mir ends up being very disappointed because Kingsbury is a good fighter and he now won’t be in the house.

Fight 7: LW
Charles Diaz v. Shane Nelson

Not a whole lot shown of this fight. It is mentioned that Diaz did a lot of tough-talking prior to the fight, but when it came to show-time, he got manhandled by Nelson. There were a lot of kicks from Diaz, but Nelson was much stronger. Nog calls him one of the best lightweights. A vicious knee from Nelson drops Diaz and he wins.

Fight 8: LHW
Eliot Marshal v. Karn Grigoryan

Pre-fight, Dana says that every Armenian who’s ever fought in the UFC is “fucking nuts”. It seems like he has similar expectations from Grigoryan.

Round 1: Grigoryan looks seriously aggressive. He connects several times with jabs and kicks before Marshal can even swing. Marshal goes for a takedown and Grigoryan sprawls. Grigoryan is in full guard on top of Marshal. Marshal looks for the triangle, but Grigoryan stands up. Solid punches from Grigoryan in half mount. Marshal rolls over and gets side control. He is able to sweep into full mount. Grigoryan rolls and gives Marshal his back. Grigoryan rolls again and is in Marshal’s guard. Marshal looks for another triangle but Grigoryan gets out. Marshal tries to pull his leg up for another triangle, but the round ends.

Round 2: To start off the round, a huge head kick from Marshal. Then, we get one, two, three leg kicks from Grigoryan. Marshal counters with a jab combo. (Another side note: at this point, Mir’s shouting from outside the cage is really annoying me!) Grigoryan looks a little nervous. Marshal continues putting pressure on and catches Grigoryan each time he goes to kick. A couple more good combos from Marshal, then a good combo from Grigoryan. Marshal goes for the takedown but Grigoryan flips him. Marshal ends up with side control and delivers some vicious knees to Grigoryan’s ribs. Lands a flurry of punches to his head as the round ends.

And it goes to a third round!

Round 3: Both look tentative. Marshal goes for and gets the takedown, but Grigoryan manages to wrestle and gets on top in full guard. Marshal goes for the triangle, but Grigoryan twists and extends his body to get out of it. Marshal mounts his back and slips the hooks in. Grigoryan gets out and Marshal rolls. Marshal has the full mount but Grigoryan works the fence and sweeps himself on top in Marshal’s guard. Both are bloody and at first you can’t tell who’s cut. Grigoryan pulls back and he’s gushing. He starts to punish Marshal, but after some stagnancy, the ref stands it up. They exchange a couple swings, but the round ends with both a bloody mess.

Winner by split decision is Grigoryan — Dana and Mir are both SHOCKED. Marshal is pissed. It seems to be the consensus that Marshal picked Grigoryan apart (except for Nog who thinks that Grigoryan was more aggressive). But again, the wise sage Dana White reminds them to never leave it in the hands of the judges.

In the end, Dana addresses all the fighters…both winners and losers. While he was happy with the fights and was impressed by all the fighters, he still has to show the losers the door. BUT WAIT!! There’s more! Although Antwain Britt won his fight, he broke his hand and will have to go home. Dana and the coaches decide to bring back Eliot Marshal. (*Sigh* Justice is served.)

The show ends with footage from the season. Some highlights:

* Some may be too injured to continue. Is someone about to get a second chance?
* Fighting both in the ring and in the house
* Drinking
* Lots of training
* Dana telling someone they should’ve been thrown off the show three times (yikes!)

Just when I thought the show was getting to be over-the-top dramatic, they take it even further. The boys at TUF continue to amaze me. I think we should all expect a fantastic season and we’ll see a lot from the 16 men that made it into the house:


  • Junie Browning
  • Efrain Escudero
  • Dave Kaplan
  • Brian McLaughlin
  • Shane Nelson
  • Phillipe Nover
  • John Polakowski
  • George Roop

Light Heavyweights

  • Ryan Bader
  • Jules Bruchez
  • Karn Grigoryan
  • Tom Lawlor
  • Vinicius Magalhaes
  • Eliot Marshal (replaces Antwain Britt)
  • Shane Primm
  • Krzysztof Soszynski