The Ultimate Fighter S4E5 Recap

Din Thomas vs. Mikey Burnett

After Jeremy Jackson’s unique departure, the team decides to bring back Pete Spratt. Rich Clementi would have been a better choice since he is still a motivated fighter and wants to fight.

Din Thomas vs. Mikey Burnett

I was thinking Mikey would have given Din a better fight. Din Thomas showed he could be one of the finalists with that impressive triangle choke.

What is going on in this season of The Ultimate Fighter? All the fights are boring and have ended quickly. Maybe we are starting to see why these guys need a second chance. In the previous three seasons you had your fighters that stand out. You knew they were destined for UFC fame. I don’t see any standouts in this season, don’t get me wrong some of these guys could be a great under card fight for some inexperienced UFC standout. I have also see that a lot of these fighters have a noticeable flaw in their game. In the fight between Travis Lutter and Scott Smith. Scott Smith has a weakness of getting choked out by the rear naked choke. You would think that having being choked out a few times by weaker opponents, he would have trained and became and expert choke defender. I am hoping in the semi-finals that the week fighter are weeded out and we can start seeing some good fights.

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