The Ultimate Fighter: Season 10 – Episode 4: “Snitch”



Last week we finally got our answer to the Kimbo Slice question, as Roy Nelson took him out BJJ Style. But as Marcus Jones displays his weaknesses, is this really the end for Kimbo?

The episode begins with a beautiful montage of the grappler vs. the boxer in the Kimbo’s loss to “Big Country” Roy Nelson. Overall, it seemed as though the guys were pretty impressed with Kimbo, but it was impossible for Kimbo to learn how to grapple in just two weeks. Roy stuck to his plan, kept it on the ground and was able to keep Kimbo on his back. And Team Rashad is victorious once again.

But at the end of the fight, Nelson pisses Rampage off by saying that they helped him by counting the punches — what was so bad about that? Back in Team Rampage’s locker room, they’re all trying to stroke Kimbo’s ego (telling him he almost knocked Nelson out…huh? What fight was he watching?) and warn Kimbo to stay ready in case he’s needed again. This idea of Kimbo’s possible return is even reiterated in the house (do they know something we don’t?).

As Kimbo is talking about his faith, he sees Marcus doubled over in the kitchen. Dripping wet, Kimbo assumes he just got out of the shower, but Marcus says he’s just sweating. (Ick.) A few of the guys get Marcus into his room to get him dried off. They seem genuinely concerned. He’s sweating, has the shakes, and got light-headed but doesn’t know what’s wrong. Brendan and Kimbo question his heart (and Kimbo offers to take his place if he doesn’t want to do this).

Team Rashad is in the gym training as Rashad enjoys that warm glow of victory. Rashad’s plan is to just work on each fighter’s existing skills to tweak them and make them better, but not change them entirely. That would make them weaker. He discusses the strengths, weaknesses and potential of some of his guys. With the right matchups and coaching, he is confident they will win all the prelim fights. Rashad and the other coaches bring in the guys to discuss who they’d like them to fight. Justin comes back with concerns about fighting Scott, because they are best friends. If anyone can understand this, it’s Rashad (a la the whole Jardine issue).

Rampage and friends show up for their training and Rampage is hurting that he’s down three fights to none. He discusses his guys, particularly Marcus, who doesn’t seem to know his own strength (as he is shown repeatedly hurting his teammates unintentionally).

Back at the house, Justin and Scott are discussing the possible matchups for the next fight, because as it turns out, Matt told him they might be fighting each other! I guess meathead-Matt must have missed the part where the coaches said NOT to tell anyone! Dumbass…

Scott then lets Brendan know what the brilliant Matt did, and they can’t believe what an idiot he is. As Matt comes in, they question him about it and Matt finally realizes what a dumb move he made. He says he’d now throw himself on a grenade for the guys, but Brendan points out that he was the one who threw it! Matt’s solution is to switch up the fights…wtf??? James thinks he did it all on purpose so that he won’t have to fight Marcus. Brendan has now dubbed him “the snitch.” At least Matt fesses up to Rashad what he did, and though in disbelief, Rashad accepts his apology. But now how do they fix it? Do they switch the fights or leave it the way it is?

Then we come to the fight announcement from Team Rashad. He chooses Brendan Schaub to fight Demico Rogers. Rashad thinks that Brendan has more skill, but Dana thinks the advantage is Demico’s when it comes to size. The arrogant Rampage strolls out of the gym promising that he will soon have control. Not to be outdone, Rashad claims he will win all eight. (New Rampage-ism: “Have you ever thought about just punching somebody in the face…and your fist just goes straight through to the back of the brain?” And people wonder why he went all crazy????)

In training, Rashad enlightens us about Brendan. A member of Team Jackson (Greg, not Rampage), he is super-athletic and is a great listener. Later, Demico admits that Brendan is more experienced, but he feels his wrestling is better. They assume that Brendan won’t want to keep it standing, so the game plan is to get him down on the ground and to out-wrestle him.


As the guys are prepping in their respective rooms, Demico is sitting in wait wondering where his coaches are (they had gone to get something to eat!!!). The poor guy is then left with a mere five minutes to warm up. (Rampage-ism #2: “I shoulda stayed, I shoulda stayed”. Well, duh Rampage!)


Both start out tentative, with Schaub swinging first. Rogers then shoots for the takedown, but Schaub maintains control. Back on their feet, they both work their jabs and are swinging hard (it seems like someone is gonna get knocked out!). Rogers shoots again and ends up in Schaub’s guard. Schaub works for better positioning and successfully fends off several shots. Rogers backs up off Schaub but won’t let him up. He tries a flying punch at him, but doesn’t land it. Back in Schaub’s guard, he isn’t doing much. He then manages to get side control and lands some solid elbows to his face. Rogers swings his hips up and attempts to mount him fully, but Schaub takes advantage and flips Rogers on his back. Schaub is in his guard and works in a few nice jabs. Rogers swings himself around so they are facing each other and he is on his stomach. Schaub grabs onto his neck, gets the hooks in, flips him around for the anaconda and gets Rogers to tap.

Winner: Brendan Schaub by submission (Anaconda choke)

Rampage walks away in disgust. Rashad sees that Demico is still laying there, with Team Rampage nowhere to be seen. So Rashad and the other coaches go over to give the disheartened Demico a pep talk. Rashad just can’t believe his own coach abandoned him. Finally, Rampage goes to him and tells him what a good job he did, and how he was winning the round. However, when alone with the coaches, Rampage is not happy about a fourth loss in a row. He is disappointed in Demico’s performance.

Team Rashad is now halfway to their goal. I’ve never seen a room of such macho men so happy.

Next week looks like the drama will multiply! First, Matt injures his shoulder, but the guys question whether he is really hurt or if he is faking to get out of fighting Marcus. Then, it took four episodes, but the pranks in the house are finally rearing their ugly head — but it seems only one person is to blame. And finally, what would an episode be without coach drama? Rashad criticizes Rampage for abandoning his fighter (well, at least he didn’t oversleep and miss the entire fight!). Sometimes I wonder if I’m watching a show about MMA or a soap opera…