The Ultimate Fighter: Season 10 – Episode 5: “Rude Awakening”



Last week on the show, Matt gave up valuable info from Team Rashad that forced them to change tactics. In the end it didn’t matter though, as Brendan gave the team their fourth straight win.

Tonight’s show starts with training for Team Rashad, who is 4-0, not that Rashad wants to brag (of course he gives credit to the coaches. Poor Team Rampage doesn’t have as good coaches). During practice, big Matt rolls and hurts his arm, but with his football player mentality, he tries to ignore it. In his head, he thinks that if he gets a cortisone shot, he’ll be fine. The older, wiser, Rashad tries to talk him out of it, knowing that it won’t last. But meathead Matt won’t listen.

Shortly after, Marcus arrives at the gym and Team Rashad is still there hanging out. As he walks in, Rashad jokes with him, offering him a spot on his team. But then Rashad also lets on that Marcus will probably be fighting soon. This just elates Marcus. We’ll see how long his happiness lasts. At Rampage’s training session, poor Rampage is feeling sorry for himself over his 4 losses, claiming it’s even affecting his sex life. Oh wah!

As they are training, all eyes seem to be on Rampage’s last choice, Zak. Even though he’s quite large and a wrestler, he doesn’t seem to be doing well with the grappling. Down on his back, he looks like a turtle stuck in place. Rampage admits that his hopes won’t be too high if Zak is picked for the next fight. At the house, it turns out that Zak is the butt of jokes there too. As he is accused by Sims of leaving behind a “family of Jensens” in the shower, several guys comment that Zak is just very sensitive and can’t take a joke. He kind of casts himself out of the group.

Back at the gym, Matt tries his hand at training even with his arm hurt. With his side all wrapped up, he is still hopeful to fight next. Rashad just thinks he’s crazy. Matt promises Rashad a win, but still complains that his shoulder hurts. The coaches doubt his motivation for being there in the first place. They really don’t believe he’s there to fight, but just to be there.

When Team Rampage arrives, Shivers tells Rampage about the shower incident, but what can Rampage do but shake his head? Next thing Rampage knows, he looks over at the guys training and suddenly sees that Zak passed out! Not sure if he just didn’t tap out in time, Rampage is even embarrassed for him.

So the next shot we see is Matt playing basketball in the pool. Several guys notice how one minute it hurts, and the next he’s training or playing. The general consensus seems to be that he’s faking it so that he’ll be picked to fight last. Everyone else just wants to see him fight to prove himself. At training, Matt and Roy are rolling around and all Rashad can do is watch how well Matt’s shoulder is moving around…hmmm. When the coaches call for the guys together for drills, Matt asks if he could ice his shoulder. But Rashad calls his bluff and tells him that he looked like he was moving fine. Matt’s excuse? He’s sore and was just concerned. (And what was with the He-Man rant???)

In the Team Rampage van, poor Zak gets ragged on again about the whole masturbating thing. But Zak claims he’ll just shrug it off and just answer in the cage…

And that leads us up to the next fight announcement (which Rashad is starting to enjoy a little too much!) in which Justin Wren will fight Wes Sims. Rashad doesn’t see Sims as a threat, but Rampage is just desperate for a win. Marcus, who clearly thought he was going to fight next, starts walking around the gym all pouty. When Rashad finally corners him, Marcus claims that he had his word (which he didn’t), but he’s pissed regardless. Rut roh!

Justin Wren, who trains under Travis Lutter, feels like this will be a youth vs. experience matchup. While he recognizes that Sims has far more experience, he also feels like he is more well-rounded than Sims. Using his youth to his advantage, he feels like he can keep the pressure on Sims.

Wes Sims, however, just wants to make things exciting. As a former fighter in the UFC, Kimbo gives the fight to Sims just based on his experience. Of course, the conversation then turns to Kimbo who wants to fight again and is looking for any way possible to do it (shoving Wes Sims down the stairs? Hmmm…). Sims then goes on to pooh-pooh Justin’s wrestling by saying that he has trained with the best. And just when I thought he couldn’t get goofier, he feels the need to lift his shirt to show off his killer bod….yuck.

At the weigh-ins, Justin strips down to his lovely purple bikini briefs and comes in at 247.5. Not to be outdone, Wes shows off his own black banana hammock. I’m glad I didn’t eat before watching this.


Justin admits that this is probably the biggest fight of his life, but imagines there will be bigger fights to come. He claims to feel less pressure for this fight, which makes sense as he has less to prove.

Wes promises not to disappoint Dana and the Fertitta’s. He seems to just be happy to be back. All he wants is to “put an ass whoopin’ down.” “The jungle, reality, the cage. They’re all home.” Dude, maybe they should have psych evaluations before this show…


(BTW — is it just me, or is Dana getting fat?)

Right away Wren goes for a takedown and pins Sims up against the cage. Sims nails Wren with some nasty foot stomps. To counter, Wren gets in some knees. They separate and after a weak exchange, Wren gets Sims down on his back. He starts in side control, landing some nice shots and eventually works into a full mount. Wren wraps his arms around Sims’s neck and switches back to side control for the choke. Wren has his arms wrapped around tight, but Sims refuses to tap as he turns purple. Finally, the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Justin Wren via Submission (side choke)

Once again, Rashad notices that Rampage and his team are not in the cage checking on Sims, so he goes in to look after the still dazed fighter. Justin is thrilled with his win, as he should be. Now, Team Rashad is up 5-0. Their dream of 8-0 is looking more and more realistic.

Team Rampage files into their locker room and the coaches can’t figure out why their guys aren’t winning. Dana sees it as the team just not connecting with them, but Rampage puts on no airs about being a coach. In yet another heated exchange with Rashad, he tries to defend his coaching “skills.” He doesn’t feel he needs to be in the cage after the fight, and feels that he’s doing things right. (It has to do with him not going to prison? Huh?) Come on…when are these two just gonna throw down??

Next week: Rampage starts running his mouth again and he and Darrill nearly get into a little tussle. And yet again, poor Zak becomes a target in the house. But what’s worse? An injury could put Kimbo back in the mix. Please say it ain’t so!