The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13 Episode 4: “A Bad Dream”


Previously on The Ultimate Fighter, Team Lesnar questioned Chris Cope’s loyalty. Brock Lesnar’s number one pick fell to Ryan McGillivray in a close decision. Now Team Dos Santos regains control of the fight picks.

Tonight, as Team Dos Santos arrives for training, Junior is still riding high from Ryan’s win and the fact that they managed to get control back. Coach Lew criticizes Team Lesnar’s training and their lack of heart, claiming that they are not working hard and that Brock doesn’t really care about the outcome of all this. Is it just me or is Coach Lew awfully critical in EVERY episode?

A still disappointed Len shows up at the gym, because even though he lost he still needs to fulfill his obligation to help out his teammates. However, seeing as Lesnar was an absentee-coach for the fight, he is really not looking forward to telling Lesnar that he lost the team’s control. Brock even admits that the when he got the post-fight text message, the news took the wind out of his sails. But, he’s not giving up yet, “We lost the battle, but we can still win the war.” Unfortunately, during training, Brock is all over his guys, noticing that their heads just aren’t in it. This could spell problems.

Back at the house, Hurricane Chuck is wreaking havoc, trying to toss a mattress from the balcony (and then trying to throw Charlie). Apparently, Chuck and Charlie were friends before the house, and now they’re being very buddy-buddy again. Hmmm…could this mean future house drama?

And then comes the next fight pick. Junior chooses Ramsey Nijem to fight Team Lesnar’s Charlie Rader. Wrestler vs. Wrestler. This better be good!

Ramsey’s painted toenails seem to attract a bit of attention in the house, but apparently that’s not the only place where he’s the butt of jokes. He watches Glee, proposes playing strip pool…and apparently the stripping is an all-the-time thing. Whatever line there was for decorum, Ramsey passed it a long time ago. His poor roommate, Shamar, grows more uncomfortable by the day with his jokes and awkward sense of humor. But Ramsey says he has to have some fun or else he’d miserable. He gets punched for a living, so laughing is necessary! However, this seems to be part of his master plan, as Team Lesnar seems to seriously underestimate him, implying that he’s only there for TV. Let them think that…his fight will tell the truth.

A treat for Team Lesnar is the arrival of Matt Hughes to help out with their wrestling. He gathers the “4 Horsemen” (Team Lesnar’s remaining fighters) for a bit of mat practice. Charlie spends a lot of time rolling with him and in the end, Matt is particularly impressed with both his attitude and his skills on the ground.

The gameplan in place for Ramsey is to throw some punches and then look for takedowns. If he’s going to win, it’s going to be on the ground. He has to keep the pressure on and keep working it down to the mat. In Ramsey’s head, he’s the best and what everyone else means nothing. For his sake, I sure hope he’s right!

As for Charlie, he plans to stuff Ramsey’s takedowns (being that he is known to be a good wrestler), but he warns that Ramsey should not underestimate his wrestling either. In the end, though, he’s calling for a 2nd round KO. Lesnar’s bottom-line advice is fight smart and not to force anything. In talking to Chuck, he talks about his last loss and how he underestimated his opponent’s wrestling, asserting that his own would be good enough to stop it. As a result, he lost after 3 rounds. He does not want a repeat of that. After the weigh-ins, Brock tells Charlie that if he loses, it’ll be a disgrace. “Did you know he paints his toenails?” Hmmm, what are you implying Brock?!?


(You’d think that after 3 years of doing this, I’d learn to stop looking at how much time is left in the show to judge how long the fight is going to go!! Knowing there’s only 17 minutes left in the show sucks some of the fun out of it!)

Rader starts with a leg kick but Nijem immediately charges at him looking for the take down. Nijem has Rader pinned against the cage where they exchange knees. Nijem is in control but can’t make much of it. He shifts his weight continually in hopes of a takedown but Rader is defending well. The both get in a few good knees. As Rader is fending off a takedown, Nijem accidentally knees him in the groin. They restart in the center, but they quickly get back to where they were. For every knee Nijem lands, Rader lands a hammerfist to his head. FINALLY Nijem is able to pick Rader up and slam him. But his time on top of Rader is short-lived as Rader scrambles back to his feet. Nijem continues to control the clinch and is able to slam Rader again. In his guard, he lands a few solid punches to the body and head. He slides around to side control as the round ends. (I’d give it to Nijem, if only for the control and for the takedowns, but that was far from impressive.)

Rader starts with a swing and a miss, giving Nijem the opportunity to counter with a combo. Getting Rader backpedaling, Nijem looks for and momentarily gets the takedown. But Rader gets back up. Nijem stumbles and somehow Rader ends up on top, but it doesn’t last. Nijem gets Rader down and gets hits his back. He gets the legs hooked around and after a few moments of pounding, gets his forearms down and in to look for the choke. And in the blink of an eye, Rader is tapping.

Winner: Ramsey Nijem via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

After the fight, Brock says the he knew before the fight even started that Ramsey was going to win. He saw a fire in his eyes that he didn’t see in Charlie’s. And he says that even Charlie saw that fire and knew that Ramsey was going to come at him to kill him. Brock’s and Dana’s assessments of the fight are dead-on: Charlie allowed Ramsey to control the fight and in the end knew he couldn’t win, so he quit. He didn’t even try to defend the choke. He gave up as soon as he could.

Rightfully so, Brock is pissed. He throws a stool saying that these guys don’t even want to be here — Dana points out that Brock is doing this on his own time; he doesn’t need the money, he doesn’t need the fame. He just wants these guys to win. He yells at them all in the team room, calling them chicken shit, once again. For all their hometown pride and their bravado, they’re not bringing anything into the ring. Len can’t stand the bashing anymore and walks out of the room claiming he fought with all his heart. No one stops him.

Next week: Len vents his frustration over the team bashing. Team Lesnar is convinced that Chris Cope is a spy. And Junior looks to maintain his domination with their fight pick, but an injury could sideline their hopes.