The Ultimate Fighter Season 7: Show Changes and Fighter Rumors

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With The Ultimate Fighter 7 rumors filling the web pages, we get word that the show is starting things off a little different this season. First off, the show will start with 32 contestants instead of 16 like previous seasons. The show will have the 32 fighter fight to make the final 16 cut that will be invited to stay in the house.

Here’s the latest from the Junkie:

According to a source close to the show, “The Ultimate Fighter 7” will start with 32 cast members – not the usual 16 – and every one of them will have to fight as soon as the show begins. The 16 winners earn a spot in the house, and the 16 losers are sent packing for home.

Those fights will likely be televised at a breakneck speed, meaning the season’s first couple episodes should include 16 fights in total. That’s a far cry from past seasons of the reality series, when the first fight of the season sometimes didn’t take place until a second or even third episode.

Rumored TUF 7 Fighters

Luke Zachrich
Mike Marrello
Brandon Sene
Josh Hall
Jesse Taylor
Dan Simmler
Prince Mclean
Steve Byrnes
C.B. Dollaway
Aaron Meisner
Matt Brown
Dante Rivera
Paul Bradley
Timothy Credeur
Jeremiah Riggs
David Roberts
Amir Sadollah

Thanks to MMAJunkie, Fiveouncesofpain and MMANews for confirming fighters