The Ultimate Fighter Season 8: Episode 10

The show begins with a series of clips showing the dominating wins over the last few weeks: Vinny’s impressive win over Jules; Phllipe’s quick win over Dave; and most recently, Krzysztof’s surprise submission of Kyle Kingsbury. Tonight’s show focuses on the last preliminary fight between John Polakowski and George Roop.

After the intro, we are treated to comments from multiple fighters on the action of the fight between Krstyof and Kyle. Tom and Eliot are both shocked that Kyle went for the takedown, when he admittedly has no Jiu Jitsu skills. Junie says his sister could’ve caught Kyle in an armbar; he was not impressed with Krzysztof’s Jiu Jitsu.

In the van, Shane comments that John must be legally insane. We saw early on in the season that he’s a hugger who loves to give affection. Junie…yes, Junie…calls John a nut, while adding that he’s one of those guys you can’t help but like. In his defense, John says no one really gives hugs anymore, so he likes to give the real thing (which someone refers to as long, uncomfortable hugs). He describes himself as a nuclear reactor full of energy which he wants to bring into the house. John even goes so far as to commission Phillipe to draw a picture that says “Fire the Cannons” which is posted up on the wall for inspiration.

Knowing that he is next to fight him, George describes John as one of the nicest guys in the house, but he is there to win. In a little background on George, we learn that he was a skinny white-boy growing up in a Tucson (is it rough there??) and got picked on. When he turned 18, he got into MMA. The naysayers in his life told him he would never amount to anything nor make money in MMA, but that only drove him harder. While they air this interview, they show George training. While sparring, Shane goes for a takedown and as George is falling, his hand gets tangled up and mangled in the cage. They’re afraid he is really hurt. Mir says that he probably hyper-extended his finger since he can’t even make a fist. Not good for a fighter. He is told to keep icing it and see how it is later. The warrior he is, George is willing to fight with one hand if he has to.

At the house, John is in the kitchen getting his breakfast ready, and notices that all the marshmallows in his Lucky Charms are gone (yeah, I can’t believe I just typed that). John is actually pissed. He feels like some of the guys on the blue team are f*****g with him. He wonders “ I don’t f**k with them, why are they f*****g with me?” Both Eliot and Ryan think it’s hysterical to see such an easygoing guy, the happiest guy on the planet, so pissed off about Lucky Charms. Even Nelson jokes that he can piss in the fruit, talk about his mom, but you can’t mess with the man’s Lucky Charms. Luckily for Team Mir, John says he’s not a mean person, and doesn’t plan on doing anything back. As he’s a brawler, he’d rather settle it in the cage.

Back at the house, George is doing everything he can to reduce the swelling in his hand. Even when he wakes the next morning, it is still seriously swollen. To Mir’s dismay, he is told that it hurts worse than the previous day. This is particularly not good because it’s his right hand, and he’s right handed. This makes him pretty much useless. Mir claims that John is the worst in the house when it comes to Jiu Jitsu, so he’s hoping he’ll get close enough to George so that he can get the takedown. George brought himself this far and is not about to give up.

At the weigh-ins, John is being his crazy self, even trying to rile Mir up. An optimistic Dana White says not to short change John because he likes to scrap. Nogueira notices that George’s hand is hurt, and thinks this will be an advantage for John because everyone knows that George is better on the ground. Later that night, the guys are eating dinner when Nog comes over. Nog says he likes George (who he describes as “cool”) and that he likes to mess with him. Throughout the night, Nog keeps telling him that they’re going to beat him and even says that he himself wants to fight George. Nog begins giving John advice and a gameplan for his fight, and they close it with a hug (awww).

Both George and John are up and in the kitchen preparing their breakfast. At this time, they decide that they are going to hug before they fight (I almost thought I didn’t hear them right). John says he’s not too nice to be a tough guy; he does plan on hurting Roop and plans on getting the win. Luckily for George, the swelling seems to have gone down and he doesn’t think his hand will be a factor. We shall see…

They come out and as promised, they hug. They dance a bit and feel each other out. Roop finally comes at Polakowski with a big head kick. This is followed by another that connects. He continues with some good jabs followed by another high kick. Finally we see a jab from Polakowski. The two attempt to clinch, and we see some good jabs from Polakowski. Roop relatiates with a good leg kick. Polakowski goes at Roop with jabs, but barely connects any. There are some weak exchanges from both. Polakowski goes for a straight arm, but Roop ducks and goes for the takedown. He gets it and is immediately in Polakowski’s guard. He begins raining down punches on Polakowski’s head. Roop is able to pass into side control. He continuously knees Polakowski’s ribs and keeps his elbows pinned on his body. Roop is now in half guard and continues with punches to the head. Polakowski attempts to get up, but Roop is on his back almost immediately. They roll and Roop has the hooks in Polakowski from his back. Polakowski manages to reverse and is in Roop’s guard. Roop punches Polakowski from his back. Polakowski is not doing much from Roop’s guard. He lands a couple weak hammer fists. They continue to exchange jabs, but neither is really doing anything to advance. Good hammer fists from Polakowski.

(Nog is telling Polakowski he got the round…were they watching the same fight?)

The round begins and this time no hug. Immediately Roop lands a big body kick. There is a great jab exchange, with a solid right from Polakowski. They clinch and Polakowski lands some nasty knees. Roop is on the defensive, big time. Roop delivers a good leg kick, but Polakowski wobbles him with a hard right. They clinch and clearly both are winded. Roop connects with a good straight leg kick. They clinch again, with sloppy punches from both. Polakowski lands another good right, and almost lands a nice uppercut. Roop lands a good knee, then goes for and gets the takedown. Roop has side control, but both are tired. Roop ends up in Polakowski’s guard. Neither is doing much. Roop wakes up and delivers a couple big elbows. Polakowski rolls over and gives Roop his back. Roop tries to roll over with him, but he can’t get the hooks in under his chin. With his leg wrapped and locked, Polakowski is stuck, but Roop can’t get his arm locked in. Roop is punching Polakowski‘s head, but for the most part, they are being blocked. The round ends as nothing much is going on.

Going into commercial, the guys are all calling for a third round, which is clearly deserved. When we come back, it is obvious there is no Round 3 as Mazzagatti returns to the center of the ring.

The guys talk about the fight, before we even know the winner! Roop admits that the hesitated to use his hand a lot in the first round, to save it for the second. Polakowski acknowledges Roop’s great kicks. Dana seemed to have the most to say when it was all over, seeing that both were willing to go toe to toe, but Roop definitely got the better of him in the first round. In round 2, Polakowski came out guns blazing and he caught Roop, so everyone thought it was over. Dana, however, was not impressed with Roop getting Polakowski in the body triangle and doing nothing but laying there for the rest of the round.

When the winner is finally announced, we learn that Roop won by unanimous decision. Everyone is a bit confused, even Dana. And his final statement is no surprise. He says that the fight CLEARLY should’ve gone to a third round and that John was robbed by bad judging. It is estimated that Roop won the first round, but Polakowski won the second. A very humble Polakowski won’t second-guess the decision, because he shouldn’t have let it go to the judges in the first place.

Back in the lockerooms, Mir is being an a**hole yet again, telling Roop that he won the first round without throwing a single right and that he could’ve won with his right hand behind his back. The eternal optimist, Polakowski seems okay with the loss, but the rest of team tries to cheer him up anyway.

Back at the house, the guys are drinking (surprised?). Some guys decide to be funny and start throwing eggs out the window at the rest of the guys in the hot tub. This causes Junie to freak out in anger and storms upstairs. To vent his frustration he slams a glass door. Krzysztof tells them all to just lighten up, and John just wants to do shots for peace (how could you not like him?).
The next day, the coaches meet with Dana to make the semifinal matchups. They call in each of the fighters individually to see who they want to fight.

* Bader asks for Eliot (because he is good)
* Eliot asks for Bader (says it’s a great test for him)
* Krsytof asks for Bader (says it’s easiest for him, which surprises Mir who thought Krsytof was ultra-confident).
* Vinny asks for Krsyotf (because Krystof talks s**t about him)
* Phillipe asks for Roop (because he’s the weakest)
* Roop asks for Phillipe (though he adds that Nog has called him out)
* Junie asks for Bader (ha ha), but really asks for Efrain
* Efrain asks for Junie (because he is a shit-talker) and refers to him as the weakest

After their meetings, the three have come to a decision and it seems like almost all get their wish. The final match-ups, in order of appearance, are:
1. Bader v. Marshall
2. Nover v. Roop
3. Soszynski v. Magalhaes
4. Browning v. Escudero

In scenes from next week, the semis kick off and Eliot Marshall gets his wish to fight Bader. In the same episode, George Roop will take on Team Nogueira’s #1 hitman, Phillipe Nover.

SIDE NOTE: Did anyone else see during the show that there was a commerical showing scenes from next week? There were scenes in which Junie gets drunk and makes an ass of himself…again…and may in fact cross the final line. Ah, I sit with baited breath…we can only hope!