The Ultimate Fighter Season 8: Episode 6

In typical TUF fashion, we get a replay of the previous week, with a focus on Marshall’s win over Primm, and the subsequent control earned by Team Mir. With all the fighters thrilled, you’d think it was Christmas. Even Mir is pumped up, and he suggests that Junie take Delgado out. Of course, Junie thinks this a great idea, as he doesn’t think Roli should be there to begin with. Mir doesn’t disagree and adds that Roli’s not really an athlete. On the flip, the guys from Team Nogueira BEG Roli to beat Junie. What does Roli think? He says that he’s being underestimated and that he can sub him (Let’s hope so!).

When they get back to the house, the coaches from Team Mir go to the house to celebrate their win. Everyone is in high spirits. Then the drama starts. Mir questions where Roli got his black belt in Jiu Jitsu. Roli then begins and long and drawn out explanation about how he got it in Brazil (in just a week!). Everyone is rolling their eyes in clear disbelief as Roli is talking. Lawlor and Marshall say his stories never match up. Junie jokes that he probably bought it from McDonald’s. Clearly frustrated that he is telling the story again, Roli tells Mir that this is the third time he’s explained it. But Mir doesn’t understand why Roli gets so upset about being asked, as it’s something everyone gets asked, including himself. And of course he takes that opportunity to tell the story of breaking Tim Sylvia’s arm to get his black belt.

Later in the day, the drama continues. Junie begins his ceremonial trash talk to Roli. He even offers to make Roli a deal: if Roli makes it out of the first round, he’ll let Roli have the win (and I think he’s serious!). With this, Roli realizes that he’s got to let Junie self-destruct (then he starts to brag). To complete the metaphor, Roli compares Junie to a small businessman trying to call out Donald Trump (at which point I rolled my eyes…).

Though the next fight is already known, they have the fight announcement: Junie Browning v. Rolando Delgado. When the guys come out to shake hands, Junie comes out with a black belt and throws it at Roli. He then tries to get in Roli’s face and pushes him, but Roli just laughs. And just to further rub the salt in the wound, Junie spits on the belt. (Just a side note, did anyone else notice that Dana was MIA in all this?)

This ridiculous display gets everyone up in arms. Even his own coach says that Junie needs to get his act together on a personal level. Nog doesn’t have anything nice to say either. Nogueira rightfully says that Junie has no respect and that he does it just for attention. Anderson Silva, who is amazingly still there, tries to use the incident to pump Roli up. (They end the scene nicely, with a tight zoom on the belt in which we see that it says Mcdojo BJJ — I have to give him credit for creativity).

Later on at the Team Nogueira Training Session, Roli is sparring with Stankie and discussing strategy. Roli expects Junie to gas, and that’s where his experience will prove to work in his favor. They only concession Roli gives is that Junie has more strength and athleticism. To counter this, they show progressive shots of him getting better at sparring and with the speed bag.

The tone is entirely different at the Team Mir Training Session. Junie seems to have made it a mental game. He says he’s in Roli’s head, that he’s scared, and that Roli doesn’t want to fight him. Junie jumps on the scale to check his weight and finds that he is at 163, so it is time to cut weight. Junie promises that due to his consistency he’ll be one of the best fighters in the world.

Later, at the official weigh-in, Roli weighs in at 155, while Junie is still over at 158!! He is given one hour to cut his weight, but Mir is justifiably angry that Junie keeps making stupid decisions. Mir is brooding. And what happens if he doesn’t make weight? They lose and Roli gets the win.

Mir is clearly frustrated with Junie and his actions. Nog, however, looks at this as an advantage — that all the work to cut weight will make him tired. Junie throws on a sweat suit and gets on the treadmill. They even take the stationary bike and put it outside in the sun to make him sweat more. Junie wants to quit, wants to stop, continually complaining about his legs and about being sore. But he pushes through because the coaches won’t let him quit.

The guys begin to give their two cents about the fight. Lawlor agree with Junie in that he thinks that Roli is legitimately afraid. Polakowski, with great hope in his voice, thinks Roli will surprise everyone and knows that people are secretly hoping for Junie to lose because he’s such an asshole.

And despite all we were hoping for, Junie weights in at 156 on his second attempt

Fight Day (already???)
The guys load into their respective vans and head to the gym. And that smack talk begins. Again, Junie repeats that Roli is afraid him. Junie, though, is not afraid of Roli, he’s more afraid of his sister. Roli is said to be out of his league. Junie may talk shit, but he backs it up. Roli says he’s never wanted to hit someone more than he wants to hit Junie (I doubt he’s alone in this!). While he admits that Junie is tough and athletic, he doesn’t think he’s as good as he thinks he is.

(Side Note; It’s only 10:31! WTF?!?)

In the tale of the tape, there is a CLEAR height/reach advantage for Roli. We can only hope this is a factor.

Round 1
Browning comes out aggressively. Delgado tries to kick him, but he gets caught and Browning throws him to the ground. Delgado is backing up a lot. They clinch and Delgado attempts knees (which almost hit Junie in the head since he’s so short by comparison). Delgado lands a few good shots to the head. This is responded to with a good kick from Browning followed by a good jab from Delgado. Delgado is throwing a lot of punches but looks afraid to land them. Delgado looks nervous. A good body shot from Delgado, and they exchange kicks. Browning isn’t really fighting. Another good leg kick from Delgado. Browning gets in a couple body shots. Weak jab exchanges form both. This is followed by an awkward combo from Delgado and continued weak exchanges. Browning keeps egging Delgado, telling him to hit him. A good leg kick from Browning. Thus far, Delgado’s reach is looking like a huge advantage as he is able to get away from Browning’s jabs. But the fight is almost as if it’s in slow motion. Finally, Delgado goes for a takedown, but Browning practically falls on him. Delgado just lies on the ground. Browning steps back to let him up. Delgado goes for a kick, but Browning catches it and Delgado falls. Two HUGE rights from Browning (finally), but he doesn’t fall. Two more HUGE rights. And the round ends in the clinch.

Round 2
Back to their dancing. Delgado fakes a kick. Browning swings and lands a good shot. Delgado goes for a failed flying knee. Browning swings and Delgado ducks and goes for the takedown which Browning sprawls to defend. Both are back up on their feet. Delgado finally lands a solid punch. He goes for another takedown but Browning runs (literally). Browning seems to have snapped into it. A good bodyshot from Browning. Delgado with a leg kick. Browning lands two solid punches to Delgado’s face. Delgado is looking clearly gassed. Good body, chin combo from Browning, but Delgado’s punches are half-assed. A good knee from Delgado followed by a good combo from Browning. They exchange jabs. Delgado nails Browning with a good body kick, but Browning comes back with another good shot to Delgado’s face. Browning nails him with a heavy fist to the face and drops him. Browning pounces, but Delgado is able to defend. Browning backs off and allows him stand. Back on their feet, Browning continues to dominate. Delgado continues to throw up weak shots. Both are cut. Browning goes for spinning back fist but misses. Delgado also attempts one, but Browning blocks. Now even Browning is gassed. To end the round, Delgado lands a couple good shots to Browning’s face.

At this point, I’m figuring there has GOT to be a third round. Though it was weak, Delgado had Round 1, and Browning totally dominated in Round 2. It’s expected that there will be a third round….and there is.

Round 3
Immediately we see a good leg kick from Browning, followed up by good jabs from both. Browning tries for the big Liddell overhand but misses. Then he tries a spinning leg but misses. It seems like Browning is just dancing around. Another jab exchange with a good punch from Browning. A good leg kick, jab combo from Browning. Continues with 2 more rights to Delgado’s face. They continue these exchanges, but both look weak. Browning lands a good body shot. He then fakes a leg kick and goes for the spinning back fist. Delgado is swinging weakly and wildly. He goes to kick, but Browning catches it and Delgado falls. With Delgado on his back, Browning kicks at his legs and knees. They are warned to advance, but nothing changes; Browning keeps kicking. Delgado finally gets up and gets caught by two solid rights from Browning. Delgado follows with a good left. Browning connects with Delgado’s face and wobbles him, so Delgado returns the favor. A good overhand left from Browning. The round is ended with two leg kicks and a body kick from Delgado.

After the fight, the coaches weigh in. Smilingly, Nog declares that they thought it’d be an easy fight for Junie. It wasn’t. And what Mir doesn’t understand is why Junie let Roli continue to hit him throughout the first round. Thankfully in the second round he woke up. Dana simply notices that both guys were completely exhausted by the third round.

Winner: Junie Browning (split decision)

Surprisingly, Junie gives Roli a lot of respect. He admits that Roli really won that fight for making it out of the first round. And in an even stranger turn, Junie goes to Nog and tries to explain and apologize for the black belt joke. Junie admits he went about things all wrong (the training, the jokes, etc).Roli, to no one’s surprise, is in the back and is disappointed and crying. Nog is proud of Roli and his big heart. How touching.

In scenes from next week, we see the guys from Team Mir running around with snorkels. It is said that he is upping the intensity of their training. Nog, on the other hand, is seen to be more relaxed.
As far as the house goes, the pranks seem to get more personal (something with headstones???).
And there will be another Light Heavyweight fight, but who has yet to be seen (there are multiple shots of Krzysztof…maybe him?)

I’m just hoping that maybe now we will see less of Junie. A girl can hope, can’t she?