The War Machine Doesn’t Stop


The one man loud mouth show that is War Machine is at it again. This time, his venom-filled rant is aimed at the man who just KO’d Chuck Liddell – Rashad Evans. In another MySpace Bulletin, he blathers:

Rashad Evans

can suck a motherfucking dick!


So a New Mexico based show called my gym last thursday talking about they need someone to fight Rashad’s brother at 205 in TWO days. Our boy Frank Lester, who fights at 185, is out of shape, but says he’ll do it cuz he’s broke as a joke…lol Soooo the next morning he’s on a plane to NM. He weighs in at 192 to fight a bigger, stronger, in shape, light heavyweight.

Fight day comes and Frank’s super nervous…he’s knows he’s not well prepared, knows he’s smaller, knows he was brought there to lose, and to top it all off he’s a fan of Rashad Evans and it’s a bit intimidating to have him in the opposing corner.

Anyway the fight kicks off and within the first minute Frank gets dropped and grounded and pounded…some how he manages to survive and starts to turn the tide a bit. The first round ends and in the corner Wade tells him to just go out there and go for it….swing for the fences.
Round two starts and Frank comes out agressive, he stops Evans’ shots and ends up dropping him with a knee and as he is getting up pins him against the fans and bashed him with punches until Evans’ VERBALLY QUIT!!

So Frank is super happy and backstage he goes up to Evans and says good job/good fight and Evans says the same. Then Frank walks up to Rashad and tells him its an honor to meet him and tries to shake his hand….Rashad looked him up and down….made a stupid lil noise with his mouth….turned around and walked away.

Go cry Rashad…sorry your bro couldn’t beat a guy who took a fight on two days notice, who was out of shape and was like 20 pounds lighter. You might be a great fighter but that’s no reason to treat the guys under you like punks. Suck a dick cool guy.


Once again, War Machine pulls no punches. The guy has no qualms about badmouthing any and everyone in that crosses his path. Apparently, with his 15-minutes up, this is how he feels he can hold on to the last shreds of his MMA dignity. I suppose in a way, he is getting just what he wants – we are still talking about him…