Thiago Alves “I wanna get this belt and bring it to Brazil”


Thiago alves Defeats Matt Hughes at UFC 85

Thiago Alves:

“I knew I’d have a hard fight, but I always go for a knockout. I knew he was tough, but I didn’t knew he’d resist that much, it surprised me. He’s a great competitor and made the fight even better, bore beautiful … I think it was better, because he defeated (Diego) Sanchez and he’s tougher than him, a better athlete. He’s a great fighter, better ranked, and I think it was perfect”.

“I wanna get this belt and bring it to Brazil. They said that the winner of this fight would get a title shot, and now I have the option to wait (after Georges St. Pierre’s fight with BJ Penn) or do another fight, it’s my choice, but I think I’ll wait … It’s gonna be a tough fight, and I’ll be there watching it. I don’t know who’s gonna win it, but I fight both. I’ll get this belt and the next onw who comes, with all respect, will fall”

“I go with 171 pounds at the weight-ins, and then I go to the fight with 198, 199 pounds”

UFC welterweight contender Thiago Alves comments to about his successful win over Josh Koscheck and being patient to get his shot with Georges St. Pierre.