Thiago Silva: Jon Jones Is a Jerk

thiago silva vera

Thiago Silva reacts to Jon Jones comments about his taunting of Brandon Vera.

“This guy is a jerk. Everybody’s a professional fighter and all fights include provocations. Brandon Vera said he’s break my legs, that I wasn’t on his level. I don’t say things, I do. You get recognized when you do things. I’m a professional fighter, but I can’t always please everybody. There’s always somebody behind the computed with a plate filled with French fries, ready to criticize you. I fight for the fans, for the money and to put my name up there. Talking is too much easy, nobody knows what goes on in your life, your trainings. I think I did my job. Who likes it, likes it, but you can dislike it if you want.” [Tatame]

Jones was critical of Thiago Silva’s back bongo taunts of a clearly broken Brandon Vera near the end of there fight at UFC 125, tweeting:

“Wow that slapping was so disrespectful.. id love to give him a slap in the face”