Thirteen Year Old Lays Claim To Hacking


In a recent interview on Softpedia a thirteen year old from Australia named S3rver.exe climes he is the one responsible for hacking, and live streaming it for the hack group Anonymous.

“Yeah, I am part of Anonymous. I have taken part in a lot of operations with Anonymous. I first heard about Anonymous when the PSN was hacked and my friend told me that there is a video on YouTube on how to join them … I have breached the Administrator of yesterday. That was fun. I went through the directories and stuff. Me and my friend Sterlok breached the security. Then I did a live deface on and The live deface was on Tinychat. I was sharing my screen and people were watching me deface.”

What do you think, is this a case of self expression like “taggers” spray painting on private property? Or a war on corporate distrust and ignorance about new internet laws set forth by lawmakers worldwide.