Tito Ortiz Makes Amends With The UFC and Dana White

ufc 85 tito ortiz vs dana white

ufc85 tito ortiz vs dana white

Tito Ortiz on the Tapout Radio Show,

“I’m very thankful for Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta from the UFC and I’m glad that me and Dana kind of got to brush each other off. We may not still like each other or whatever but we came to amends, which is awesome. I gotta thank Strikeforce for giving me an opportunity and I want to thank Affliction for giving me an opportunity.”

It looks like Tito Ortiz came to the realization that Strikeforce and Affliction were not going to be able to pay him what he thinks he’s worth. With the help (Begged) Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, Tito claims he and Dana White have made up. While Ortiz is not even a player in the light heavyweight division, he can still draws fans. He’s only 34 and with his new back, can this be the opportunity he needs to get back on top. Look out for Tito Ortiz coming to an Octagon near you, Fall 2009.