Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock Full Fight Video

Ortiz vs. Shamrock III was the final fight in the trilogy between Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock . The bout took place October 10, 2006 from Hollywood, FL.

The two had a heated rivalry that went all the way back to when they first fought at UFC 40 in 2002. Tito won the match by defeating Shamrock in the 3rd Round by TKO.

They met for a 2nd time at UFC 61 in 2006, and Ortiz was once again victorious, stopping Shamrock in the 1st Round by TKO.

This was Shamrock’s final chance to avenge those losses to Tito. Would he be victorious, or would Tito continue to assert dominance over Shamrock?

Round 1:  Ortiz and Shamrock meet in the center of the Octagon. Shamrock comes out with his hands down, very relaxed. Shamrock tries to go for a takedown, but Tito stuffs it, turns Shamrock around, and works him back into the cage. Tito throws knees at Shamrock’s legs while he holds him against the cage. Tito works diligently for a takedown, but Shamrock is defending. Tito gets one of Shamrock’s legs in the air, and both men drop to the canvas, Tito in top position. Tito starts working, dropping punches down on Shamrock.

Shamrock tries to control Tito’s body by holding onto him, but it is not very effective as Tito continues posturing up to reign down more punches. Shamrock holds his arms up to block Tito’s shots, but Tito still gets through anyway, dropping both punches and elbows. Shamrock is simply trying to survive at this point, grabbing Tito’s head trying to keep him in control. Tito starts working Shamrock’s body in an attempt to soften him up. Shamrock twists slightly, then Tito starts throwing multiple elbows. Tito is totally dominating Shamrock, keeping him up against the cage, and basically doing what he wants to do. Tito continues working, throwing elbow after elbow, then throwing punches.

Shamrock has not mounted any offense whatsoever. Tito postures up again and starts dropping bombs, lefts and rights, to Shamrock’s face. Ken is trying to cover his face, but Tito is totally destroying him with punches. Tito batters Shamrock with 7 or 8 more strong unanswered punches. It looks like Shamrock cannot take anymore, then Referee John Mccarthy steps in and saves Shamrock from taking any more damage. He separates the two and Tito Ortiz defeats Ken Shamrock by TKO in Round 1. The trilogy is completed, dominated totally by the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz.