Tito Ortiz Wants The Winner of Evans/Bisping

tito ortiz

tito ortiz

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz told the Edmonton Sun, he is looking forward to fight the winner of Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping. His hopes might be lost as most fans really don’t want to see another uneventfully fight between Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans.

“When I lost to Chuck Liddell I took a step down. When I fought Rashad (Evans) I thought I won the fight. It was supposed to happen again, but it ain’t happening,” said Ortiz, who holds a career 15-5-1 record.

“I looked at a thing on UFC.tv and it said the light heavyweights are Rashad vs (Michael) Bisby and there were others that were contenders, but my picture wasn’t on it.”

“They are just trying to hold on and make sure the fighters don’t get more powerful. I am going to work to get the right fights and that belt will be around my waist.”

Ortiz hopes to be back in the octagon by February, hopefully taking on the winner of the Rashad, Bisping fight.

Michael Bisping will take on Rashad Evans at UFC 78 on November 17 at the Prudential Arena in Newark, New Jersey. Make sure to check back for the latest UFC 78 Results live here at Cage Today.