Training with Anderson Silva at Team Nogueira

Fans are expecting a fantastic match-up between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman in UFC 162 middleweight main event. Silva will defend his middleweight title against Weidman who         comes to the Octagon unbeaten for nine consecutive matches. This amazing fight will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on July 6, 2013.

What fans don’t know is that the road to any fight is not easy. Fighters need to prepare weeks or even months for their fight. In the case of the champ Silva, he is taking his latest challenge very, very seriously. Weidman is technically younger than him and probably quicker than him which is why Silva needs to train double this time.

And when it comes to training champions, Team Nogueira is the home of the most popular and the most impressive fighters in MMA. Silva has trained together with fighters like Erick Silva, Rafael Cavalcante and Anderson “Braddock” Silva. Each one had great stories as they trained and bonded with “The Spider” Silva for his training.

Erick Silva admits that as he trained with someone who is called the pound-for-pound king of MMA, he was able to develop himself personally. “Anderson trains hard,” he admitted. “We were already in the final phase of our training for the UFC [in] Fortaleza, yet you say how the training went. He trained for five rounds without stopping, lowering his guard, doing those crazy things he does and giving us all a hard time.”

Cavalcante on the other hand mentioned that Silva was a “phenomenon.” The fighter continued to tell his experience: “In reality, he’s never not training. What’s amazing is that he’s totally unpredictable, lowers his guard, absorbs the blows and suddenly attacks you where you least expect it. He proved a tough workout for all of us.”

The younger Silva meanwhile only had his first sparring with “The Spider” and he mentions: “I only went one round with him – he had already gone four in a row – but I really could see that he’s everything people say about him. In addition to moving and defending very well, he’s unpredictable.”

UFC 162 is just a few days away and fans are already making their best guess on the winner. Will Silva defend his crown or will Weidman prove that he is the new middleweight king that all fighters should be afraid of?