Transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox, Team Lloyd Irvin Drama, and TUF Episode 7 Recap

Fallon Fox is bracing herself for controversy, and as the first on-record transgender female fighter in mixed martial arts, she’s going to get plenty of it. Fallon Fox, who underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2006 along with the supplemental hormonal therapy, is scheduled to fight again for the CFA on April 20 in the semifinals of its eight-woman featherweight tournament. However, Fallon Fox’s license approval is now under investigation with Florida’s Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation.

Episode 7 had Team Jones coming up short again. Jon Jones’ number one pick Clint Hester was choked out in the second round by Team Sonnen’s Jimmy Quinlan. That puts Hester with the list of other fighters who were surprisingly upset, which includes Bubba McDaniel and Tor Troeng. What was so bizarre about this fight was, Hester could have won it, if he had just kept it standing at the beginning of the second. Instead, he ran across the octagon at Quinlan with his head down in a terrible attempt to take him down. Why would you try and take down a man who took you down at will and controlled you the entire first round.

Hester managed to actually do more damage and strike more blows than Quinlan did even being on his back, but the fact was, he was being controlled and taken out of his element. After seeing the shots Hester managed to land from his back, I thought two things. One, he might have won that round in some of the judges eyes. Second, if he can keep it standing and really use his striking, he will surely finish Quinlan or at least win round two. However, his flawed game plan allowed Quinlan to once again take control, and eventually get the submission. Now Team Jones needs Dylan Andrew to defeat Zak Cummings, or it’s pretty much a wrap for Team Jones.