TUF 5 : The Ultimate Fighter Episode 6 Recap

Well the show starts off talking about Gabe Ruediger again. It just reinvigorated my disgust of his acting abilities, but really I am just pisses off that we didn’t get to see a fight last week. This Episode was to make up for the lack of MMA with two fights. Joe Lauzon vs. Brian Geraghty and Corey Hill vs. Rob Emerson.

Joe Lauzon vs. Brian Geraghty

We all have been waiting for Joe Lauzon to prove his stuff, especially after knocking out Jens Pulver. Well he did, the fight starts out with a Matt Hughes power slam, followed by a beating of Geraghty on the ground. Geraghty takes advantage of a off target elbow and makes it back to his feet just in time to have Lauzon hop on his back and sink in the infamous rear naked choke. Lauzon definitely proves that he is one of the top fighters in the house.

Corey Hill vs. Rob Emerson

Corey starts off the fight with a flurry of punches, showing off his reach and stunning Emerson. The rest of the round was just the to fighters feeling each other out. Round two start off with Corey going for a failed take down attempt that just looked horrible, Emerson puts together some decent attacks while Corey struggled to get anything going. The decision was made by the judges to have a third round. The third round was mind numbing boring, both fighters were gassed. Corey lands some lazy jabs while Emerson lands some leg kicks. The fight now goes to the judges. I had it 2-1 Emerson, but the judges gave it 2-1 Corey. Some of the fighters were shocked that Corey pulled off the decision, especially since he did virtually nothing in round three.