TUF : Gabe Ruediger Booted For Not Making Weight

Gabe Ruediger kicked off the Ultimate fighter tv show

Gabe Ruediger kicked off the Ultimate fighter tv show

You knew it was coming, this guy gained weight during training. The only action we saw from Ruediger was when he was having tubes shoved where the sun don’t shine. Personally their is no excuse for not even losing a little weight, their are some fighters that would cut of limbs to make weight for this great opportunity. He also knew this was a 155lb show and he still came in 20lb’s overweight. I will leave all further judgments to the readers. Here is a post he left on the Underground Forums, still making excuses.

Hey everyone, sorry I havent been on here, but Ive been focusing on my training and less on the negative comments I see here.

I just want to say, please take what you see on TV with a grain of salt. Ive said it many times before and Ill say it again. REALITY TV is NOT Reality. I realize that Im painted as a less than stellar character, and it is causing a LOT of you to pass judgement. I saw the show as just that, a show. I wasnt looking at it as the UFC and I wasnt looking at it as anything more than a tool to ensure my face would be recognizable. Basically, a marketing tool.

I allowed my behaviour to be “over the top” and made sure my antics were always in the fore front. In retrospect, i would have done things very different, but it DID work. Im human and will make more mistakes in my life and I will be accountable for it. We all do STUPID things, I just had a camera on me when I did it.

From this point forward, Im going to let my future actions decide who I am. The past is just that and I will not allow it to define me. My dedication is to be the best fighter I can be, and that is where my focus is now. Im thankful that I have a great team that supports me 100%. I have Dan Henderson, Heath Sims, Sokoudjou, Shawn Tomkins, Mayhem Miller, Art Santore, Rani Yahya, Dave Gardner, Ryan Parsons and everyone at Team Quest supporting me, so I guess Im not THAT bad of a guy! LOL

To those that support me, Thank you. Im glad that you can see through the hype and still feel that Im worthy of your support. To those that pass judgement blindly. Im sorry that a TV show completes your reality. I hope that with my future endevours you might see a different side. To those that hate me regardless, well, you have more than enough ammunition now!LOL There are those that will hate you regardless of what you accomplish.

Im more than happy to talk to anyone in an adult fashion and explain my view point more in depth, so feel free to check out my website WWW.GABGODZILLA.COM and contact me through there. If you want to send a “Your a pussy,blah blah blah” note. The web admin just deletes them.