TUF S3E11 – To The Finals They Go!

Bisping vs Pointon

Josh Haynes vs. Jesse Forbes

Jesse Forbes came out and dominated the first round. He basically handled Haynes on the ground in the first round. Jesse Forbes just couldn’t finish him off with a rear naked choke. In the second round Haynes rushed Jesse and secured a guillotine choke against the fence. I have not seen to many standing guillotines against the cage like that. Forbes is a slippery enthusiastic fighter, but he just doesn’t have the natural ability of most great fighters.

Ross Pointon and Michael Bisping

I wanted to see these friends fight. Ross is a crazy bruiser fighter with a lot of heart. Bisping is one of the only true talented fighters left in the Ultimate Fighter. Bisping takes a hard blow early that could have cost him the fight. He recovers and sticks to his game plan. Ross was throwing for the fences. Finally Bisping lands a flying knee and stuns Ross. Bisping lays down a barrage of punches ending the fight. I kept seeing Bisping trying to raise his knee and was wondering what he was doing. I love flying knees, their is not a better way to end a fight. Ross just didn’t seem to be able to land any combinations.