TUF S3E8 – Ed Herman lives up to his reputation, or does he?

Ed Submits Danny final ufc ultimate fighter

The Ultimate Fighter Season 3 Episode 8 – Middleweight Eliminations

Ed vs. Danny fight to advance to the semi-finals. Ed comes out and dominates Danny and mid way though the first round takes him to the ground. Ed is in full control on the ground and eventually gets Danny in a arm bar to end the fight. The arm bar was sick, it twisted Danny arm back almost 90 degrees (look at the photo). Although Ed won the fight his performance was less then stellar. Especially since Danny was just happy to get on TV. Danny looked so happy at the end of the fight, I guess he was just glad to survive it with out taking to bad of a beating. In the end Danny was saying he was now a “ultimate fighter”. I guess looking like B***** in earlier episodes and getting pounded on national TV makes you a “ultimate fighter”. I was expecting more enthusiasm from Ed, maybe he can step it up in the semi-finals.